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Reason sent (ex-drug bust, fight):

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Name: Izobel
Age: 16
Looks: [image error]
Personatlity: Cocky, smart aleck, rude, funny
Reason sent: Gang member, drug bust SEE HISTORY
History: She was the leader of a gang, didnt do drugs her 'friends', did and framed her for it, she kept her mouth shut over the whole thing.
Other:VERY Rich family, 14 year old brother, 5 year old sister,

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Locé Styx Name: Olivia (Nickname: Olive, Ollie, Via)
Age: 16
Looks: emo, longblack hair, blue eyes
Personality: quiet, dark minded
Reason sent: killed little sister by 'accident'. she was sent to jail for 2 years and now she's here
History: she killed her 5-year old sister when she was 14 but convinced everyone it was an accident
Other: mother was constantly drunk and hated her. she died in a car crash. her last words to Olivia were "Rot in h*ll b*tch." this was when Olivia was 12. her dad was busy with work all the time and Olivia had to take care of her sister everyday. she stopped going to school after 8th grade to take care of her sister. ask anyone and they'd tell you Olivia loved her sister more than anything. no one knows why she killed her- but she might tell someone. it depends

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Locé Styx its an rp so... anything can happen...

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i'll change it if its bothersome,

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Name: Zane
Age: 17
Looks: description no peircings
Personatlity: Dark and twisty. Is a bit rude wont talk to you unless absolutly nessasary
Reason sent: He got into a fight with a few kids at his public school. It was very very very bad. Zane was stabbed twice once in his side and once in his shoulder. He broke someones nose and nearly killed another. He never will say what it was about.
History: Came from a bad part of town. His father wasnt very dependent, his mom slept around. The bills were somehow payed, but Zane never really cared. He was always neglected and never was worried about. He has and older brother who is a succesful lawyer but never makes calls or anything. Zane's younger sisters (15, 16)are no better of then him, they are . . . sl*ts basically

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