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message 1: by Elyse (new)

Elyse Police | 8 comments I LOVED this book. It was really good. M impression of the book right of the bat was that it was going to be good because I had read the first two and loved then immensely. I enjoyed the plot of the book a lot as well. The storyline wasn't very original, bu Suzanne Collins made the plot interesting because it was the same overall synopsis, but the details were so different that it didn't feel like I knew what was going to happen. I also give the author kudos for the fact that even though the storyline was a very seerious matter, there were parts that weren't all doom and gloom. I feel the message of the book was that government is a good thing, but too much is just as bad as total anarchy, and sometimes even worse. The characters were extremely likeble. I have to say that I am a Peeta fan through and through, but the way that Collins potrays Gale as this guy that would do anything to help ou Katniss, even if it was to et his competition back, made him more likeable. Her characters aren't perfect and I think thats what makes the best kind because real people aren't without their flaws, so they were extremely beleivable as well. I liked the fact that she showed the fact that the Hunger Games have taken effect on all of the Victors, because there's no way that being in the arena wouldn't mess with your mind. I thought that the ending was extremely good. I did not see what was coming at ALL. There was no way that anyone could've predicted what Katniss does, and I enjoy a book that will have me gasping out loud. I thought it was interesting how the author incorporated song lyrics into the epilogue to show how Katniss felt at that moment instead of words alone. I would reccomend this book for anyone that has read the frist two in the series and is looking for a little closure, or for anyone that enjoys a good dystopian society, rebellion, love story, or just a good book. I guess I still don't understand what happens to Gale and Haymitch at the end of the story. It does say that Gale moves to District 2, and then later that Haymitch keeps only the company of a bottle, but what happens after the last chapter?? The epilogue wasn't very giving on the details. It was all around an AWESOME book, and once again, I loved it.

message 2: by [deleted user] (new)

Well, before beginning this book I had the “impression” that it was going to be AMAZING because, like Elyse, I had read both of the books that came before it. After reading this book I thought for a moment and realized that I was right and it was, indeed, amazing. I did enjoy the plot for the most part… my only complaint is that they waited too long before saving Peeta, but that could be because he’s my favorite. I liked that Collins took a sort of “been there, done that” plot line, and changed it. I made predictions throughout the entire book, but it didn’t seem crazy predictable. I felt like the book had an underlying message of anti-communism or something. It wasn’t like a “protesting-the-government-and-all-authority” kind of book… but it was like a “the-government-has-too-much-power-and-it’s-BAD-because-nobody-realizes-it” book. I don’t know if Collins was trying to imply that she doesn’t like Obama, or if I’m overanalyzing... but whatever it was, I liked it a lot. It seemed like the book was dealing with greater issues because for the first time, Katniss (and her “crew”) weren’t defending themselves, they were the ones on the offense. I also liked how the lyrics from the song Katniss’ father taught her remained in the book until the end. It was a nice way to connect it all. I have to say that throughout this book my feelings towards Gale went from deep hatred, to just not liking. I was bothered by his anti-Peeta attitude before, but in Mockingjay I really liked how he was willing to go retrieve Peeta to make Katniss happy. I think Katniss really changed in Mockingjay. It seemed to me in the other books like she was still just a kid trying to protect herself, but throughout Mockingjay I got the impression that she was really fighting for a cause, and not herself. I absolutely L-O-V-E-D the ending. I was really shocked when I realized that she shot Coin, I even had to reread it. Throughout the whole book I felt like Coin wasn’t planning a revolution that involved Snow’s demise, she was planning a revolution that involved her own rise to power. The epilogue was the perfect conclusion to this wonderful series… I especially liked the part where Katniss explained that she dreaded the day her children were going to learn about the Hunter Games. I think I would recommend this book for people who enjoy making out loud remarks while reading such as “GASP” or “OH NO SHE DI’INT!” and maybe even “EEEEEE” which is really just a giddy yelp. I suppose this book would also be good for those who enjoy books about government or action based books. I think they would enjoy it because it isn’t really an action novel, but it has a lot of action in it… I think you’re supposed to think about the message of the book more than the actual events, but they make it more interesting. My only question about this book is did Gale ever find a girl? I mean, the author explained that he still sees Katniss sometimes, but he lives elsewhere and has a job of his own… but Katniss married Peeta and had children, so did it ever happen with Gale?

message 3: by Elyse (new)

Elyse Police | 8 comments I would like to know that. I think I made those same noises while reading. The first time that I read that Katniss shot Coin, I thought she shot Snow, so I was like "Why is everyone freaking out? He's supposed to die, right?" then I reread that part and realized what had happened. the lyrics in the epilogue, ar those just altered lyrics of her dad's song, or is that a totally different song?

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