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Another winner from Jane! Absolutely awesome!!

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message 1: by Lee (new)

Lee (leehyat) | 8 comments I loved She's Gone Country! I'd been waiting for a long time for Shey's story and Jane's done a phenomenal job telling it. The book has a lot of heart, strong and compelling emotion (a regular trait in all of Jane's stories!), rich complex characters and a real dose of family and relationships. A fantastic novel from beginning to end!

message 2: by BecksBookPicks (new)

BecksBookPicks | 2 comments I loved it! I can't wait to get my hands on another Jane Porter book

message 3: by Jane (new)

Jane Porter (jane_porter) | 21 comments Mod
Thanks Rebecca and Lee! I had so much fun writing this story. It goes back to my country girl roots!

message 4: by BecksBookPicks (new)

BecksBookPicks | 2 comments You did a great job. I read it in one day. I couldn't put it down. I couldn't wait to see what would happen!

message 5: by Marilyn (last edited Sep 02, 2010 06:20PM) (new)

Marilyn (PresentsGirl) | 2 comments Wonderful reviews on Amazon:


Lee if you loved it, I'm sure I will as well.

Cocktails and Books (cocktailsandbooks) I absolutely loved it. I think Shey's story is my favorite.

message 7: by Jane (new)

Jane Porter (jane_porter) | 21 comments Mod
Thanks Rebecca and Shannon! I am hearing from lots of readers that She's Gone Country might be the new favorite and that is just wonderful to hear. I really enjoyed writing Shey's story.

So much of my life was in upheaval at the time I wrote it with a newborn who had stomach problems and wasn't sleeping, my house was being remodeled so I was living in a hotel room, I was feeling the affects of baby blues and I had a deadline to finish this book. So in some ways this story was what kept me grounded and sane!! ha!

Marilyn, thanks for sharing the reviews!

message 8: by Kiersten (new)

Kiersten Hallie Krum (kierstenkrum) | 2 comments You know (or perhaps you don't) that ODD MOM OUT is still my favorite for more than one reason. I particularly related to Marta's mom's situation, which resonated with my own caring for the parent life I lead. Plus she's so kiss ass, I love her and her daughter so heart-breaking and sweet. And then MRS.PERFECT, even though I wanted to smack Taylor upside the head many times during the first third or so of the story but it was a well-meant "get it together, babe" smack. SHE'S GONE COUNTRY is another winner, and I'm so very glad to see how many of your readers are enjoying it! Yeah!

message 9: by Jane (new)

Jane Porter (jane_porter) | 21 comments Mod
Thanks Kiersten,

I love getting such specific feedback. It helps me to know what parts are getting through! I'm so happy you like SHE'S GONE COUNTRY, too. I have been so pleased with all the wonderful feedback. Thanks again!

message 10: by Marilyn (new)

Marilyn (PresentsGirl) | 2 comments Planning on reading this weekend. Please stop by my blog and read my Q&A with Jane and for a chance to win the book.


message 11: by Rossy (new)

Rossy (naughtybookjunkie) | 5 comments IT WAS FANTASTIC! I just spend the last few hours reading it without taking a break, not even for food. Are there any previous books that are somewhat related to this book? I'm wondering about the friendship background between Marta and Shey.

message 12: by Jane (new)

Jane Porter (jane_porter) | 21 comments Mod

Great question! The friendship starts in Odd Mom Out, then continues in Mrs. Perfect and you can see a little more in Easy on the Eyes! All four books go together.

message 13: by Rossy (new)

Rossy (naughtybookjunkie) | 5 comments Well i did a little search after i asked the question. Couldn't help myself after reading this book, so i bought OMO and EOE....you will be happy to know that i finished them as well and LOVED them. I can't believe i didn't read any of your books earlier!

Not sure if i'll be reading Mrs. Perfect just yet. I think i need to be in the right mood to deal with the heroine.LOL
In the meantime though, am going to read Flirting with Forty. Did not even know i had the paperback, until i was digging through my bookshelf.

LOVE the little bit you always tell us about yourself and the books at the end of every story. It is a beautiful way to connect to your readers, so thank you!

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