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Last Portland book group of which I was a member quickly devolved into little more than a Chuck Palahniuk wank-fest. Let's not do that here, please =)

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Megbot | 1 comments Haha. Theres more to Portland than Chuck Palahniuk, I'm sure.

By the way, are you from damnportlanders on Lj?

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Gloria (socktree) | 2 comments Mod
Yes, we both are.

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Yup. Aka "phasmaphobic" on DP

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Tom | 1 comments howdy folks...

no worries, i think i've read one palahniuk book, ever...

what's everyone reading?

message 6: by Stephanie (last edited Aug 25, 2016 01:07PM) (new)

Stephanie Griffin I'm reading Joe Hill's "20th Century Ghosts". Just in time for Halloween! These are stories he wrote before "Heart-Shaped Box".

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Lisa | 2 comments Never read Palahniuk, though I probably should someday. Currently working on the works of Beverly Cleary. I unquestioningly loved her stuff when I was a kid, and I'm interested to see what I think now that I not only know where Klickitat Street is, but I know where the statues are at Grant High School. Of course, I'm a kids' books buff, so it shouldn't be a difficult project.

Other local favorites: Dan Savage, though a (augh!) Seattleite, has some stuff to say about Portland in The Kid and The Commitment (he hates it in the former, and loves it in the latter, thanks to the former). The compiled 'zine On Subbing is one of my favorite books ever. After reading it, I bought a copy for an incredibly straight-laced friend who subs in public schools, and even though he had no idea what it might mean to have Xs tattooed on your hands, he really loved it. He moved here.

I also read the compiled Invincible Summer, but I thought it was visually pleasing and verbally immature. I thought Zoe Trope's Don't Kill The Freshman was...well, it was fascinating to read a 15-year-old's musings, but it wasn't much of a book. In an undergraduate literature class, I once heard a novel described as a book in which the characters change and develop between the beginning and the end (Don Quixote was not, by this definition, a novel, and Moll Flanders was arguably the first novel ever written). Don't Kill The Freshman is therefore, sadly, not really a novel.

Though regional, not local, I recently read a little debut novel called The Highest Tide http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/94..., set in Olympia, WA, that was lovely. It was an uncomplicated coming-of-age story (okay, the fact that a cult briefly thinks our adolescent hero might be the messiah could be considered a complicating factor) but mostly is about a kid growing up with a sense of the sea, and therefore of nature. It doesn't prevent bad things from happening to him, but it helps him weather them, even when confusing things are coming from the sea and from nature.

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Karen | 14 comments Klickitat Street is in NE Portland, near 33rd Avenue. Here's a link to an article that the LA Times ran last month: http://travel.latimes.com/articles/la...
There's even some photos on the site that are pretty cool and it said there's a wall map on the east wall of the Hollywood Library.

A fun book that Chuck Palahnuik wrote about Portland is "Fugitives and Refugees". It was funny, but definitely not something the Chamber of Commerce would want people to read. I used to go to Powell's to hear him read and it was always standing room only. The last time was the truly the last time I'll go see him. He told a story (he said it's true) about a pool and what a pool vacuum did to a guy and it was so graphic and disgusting I thought I'd be sick. And I can handle most anything, so you know how bad it was. There was a guy standing next to me who was tall, big build, kind of the typical football linebacker build. All of a sudden he didn't look so great while this story was being told and the next thing, a huge "thud" and he was out cold on the floor. I felt bad for him and I was glad it was him and not me, but it was also pretty funny. That was the end of my standing in line for Chuck Palahnuik...forever!

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R.J. | 5 comments Hi, Michelle...

Two author fair suggestions:

• Volunteer at Wordstock this year to meet other authors, and booksellers, too. Wordstock 2008 will be held November 7-9, 2008, at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland, Oregon.

• Take part in the Author Fair in Lincoln City. I believe it's the second Saturday of each month, beginning in June. The organizers are Bob's Beach Books and The Book End, both in Lincoln City on Hwy 101, Oregon Coast. Last August 42 authors presented their books for signing. The event is outdoors and lots of fun. And the booksellers don't have a problem displaying self-published and POD books, either.
www.BobsBeachBooks.com. They were excellent hosts. Sign up now.

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Karen | 14 comments Michelle--why not Powell's? Didn't they agree to host you?

RJ--I'm interested in the Author Fair you mentioned, can you tell me more about it? I looked at the website but didn't see any info. I'm not an author, just interested in attending.


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R.J. | 5 comments Karen...
Last year there were four events, each taking place the second Saturday starting in June.
Times were noon-3pm and participation ranged from 12 authors to more than 40 in August. August was by far the most represented as far as Oregon authors.
They have not posted a calendar yet for this year, but I've received one email from Bob's Beach Books asking if they can count me in for this summer, too. I'll be there!
You can try calling Diane Portwood. She plans the events and can tell you more. 541.994.4467. bobsbeachbooks@hotmail.com
Meanwhile, you can see a photo of the August event by visiting my site:
www.SeedsOfCivilization.com/2007-2.htm (photo)

They love visitors, of course, so come on over to the coast!

message 12: by Karen (new)

Karen | 14 comments Thanks, RJ! For some reason I'm not getting notification when there's a new post on this site so I just saw your response.

Michelle...I hope you find a place in Portland to do some readings. Keep us posted? I'm surprised at Powell's and a bit disappointed, we need to support local authors. Good luck!

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gia (giapet) | 1 comments Hey, wait a sec...don't I know you people? ;)

message 14: by R.J. (new)

R.J. | 5 comments Hi, Gia.
If you're in Portland, it's possible.
Do you recognize me from somewhere/something?

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