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Name: (first and last)
Personality: (at least four sentences)

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Name: Brinana Samules
Gender: female
Occupation: Own her own dog and horse breeding business (where Rosalie got her pets)
Apperance: http://www.celebrity-pictures.ca/Cele...
History: Brianna's mom died when she was 14 years old. Then, her dad disowned her when he got remarried. Brianna left England, and went to California, where she met her first husband, Alex. Alex and her got divorced, and she married, Nathenial.
Wardrobe: Usually business clothes. Including suits for women.
Family: Rosalie, a brother, a sister
Husband: Nathenial

Name: Alex Carters
Gender: Male
Occupation: CEO of Bank of America
Personality: Alex is a very caring man. But, he sometimes makes promises, that he can't keep. This is why Brianna got divorced. He loves Rosalie very much, and would do almost anything for her. Alex is a smart man, with alot of common sense.
Appreance: http://www.poptower.com/pic-28225/nat...
History: There isn't much. He was born in Chiacago, then moved to New York, then to Caliornia.
Wardrobe: He is a pretty casual guy, but cleans up nicely.
Family: an older brother, Rosalie
Wife: None
GF: Has one

Name: Nathenial Samules
Gender: Male
Occupation: President of FedEX
Personality: Nathnial is a formal and serious guy. But he enjoys relaxing and having fun with his son, Jeydon. He isn't the funniest, but that dosen't stop him from telling jokes. Nathenial works hard at everything he does, and sometimes almost tried too hard.
Appreance: Short black hair. Tall. Green eyes.
History: Nate was born in France, and moved to America when he was a young adult.
Wardrobe: Wears formal gear, most of the time.
Family: Jeydon Samules
Wife: Brianna
GF: None!

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Savannah (savvy15) Name: Gabirella Presyler
Gender: Female
Occupation: dentist assistant
Personality: Gabirella is a sweet, caring, and funny. Wants whats best for Sara. Loves how Carter tries to get Sara into softball. Gabirella helps Sara learn some cheers.
Appreance: http://www.wickedreport.com/images/Is...
History: Gabirealla was born in Spain and moved to America with Carter and Sara.
Wardrobe: some dresses from Spain, causal, and sometimes formal clothes
Family: Sara Presyler
Husband/Wife: Carter Presyler
BF/GF: none

Name: Carter Presyler
Gender: Male
Occupation: Assistant College Baseball Coach
Personality: Carter is a cool dad. He loves to see his family happy and tries to teach Sara softball. He will be serious and uncool if he has to be. Carter tries his best to keep the family together and happy.
Appreance: http://collegebaseball360.com/wp-cont...
History: Carter was born and raised in California. He moved to Spain when his job relocated him then quit so he could stay with Gabirella.
Wardrobe: Causal clothes
Family: Sara Presyler
Husband/Wife: Gabirella Presyler
BF/GF: none

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Name: Savanna Anderson
Occupation:Fashion Designer
Personality:Savanna likes to cook,and do creative things. She is easy going and nice.
Appearance: http://www.xarj.net/wp-content/upload...
History: She was born in New york but then went to collage in Florida,that is where she met Ryan.
Wardrobe: Casual,except when she goes to work
Family:Ryan Anderson(Husband),Kristen Anderson(Daughter),Abby Anderson(Daughter)

Name:Ryan Anderson
Occupation:CEO of Verizon
Personality:Sporty,Nice outgoing.Smart.
Appearance:Brown hair with hazel/brownish eyes
History: Went to Florida for collage,he played collage football but ended up not being a pro.
Wardrobe:Usaully Formal clothing
Family:Savanna Anderson(Wife),Abby Anderson(Daughter),Kristen Anderson(Daughter)

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