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Savana My real name is Sydney | 38 comments FawnFur padded around.

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Tawnypaw padded up to Lightpaw. "Hiya Lightpaw! How was your day of training?" she asked.

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Tawnypaw turned around to face Yellowtear. "Well, I'll see ya later." She padded to Yellowtear.

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"Hiya Yellowtear!" Tawnypaw barked.

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"Howz your day goin'?" Tawnyapw asked.

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Carson Lightpaw walked over. "Hi."

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Tawnypaw turnded to her sister. "Hiya!"

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Carson "How is your training?"Lightpaw asked.

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"Good." Tawnypaw puffed out her chest. "I'm going to be the best warrior ever!

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Foxtail walked into camp with two squirrels and put them onto the fresh-kill pile. She picked up a rabbit and began to eat.

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"Yup!" Replied Foxtail cheerfully. "Care to join me?"

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Foxtail finished her rabbit and began to groom herself. "Who do you think gets to go to the Gathering(?)?"

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Carson Lightpaw walked up and grabbed a mouse. She sat down next to Foxtail and Yellowtear. "Hi."

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((of course!))

"Hello!" Foxtail smiled too

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Carson "What are you talking about?"She asked.

Owlfeather Go Zelda! | 87 comments FawnFur looked at FoxTail. She sat up and shoook her brindle fur.

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Foxtail replied to Lightpaw, "Just talking about who gets to go to the Gathering."

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Tawnypaw leaped near Foxtail. "I'm going! Right?"

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Foxtail shrugged. "I have no idea!"

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Carson "I hope you do! I know I will. I'm Med Dog apprentice."Lightpaw replied proudly.

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Foxtail smiled. "And you will make a wonderful medicine dog someday."

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Carson "Thank you!"Lightpaw said happily.

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Foxtail smiled again and yawned. "I do hope I get to go to the Gathering," She said.

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Foxtail nodded in agreement.
((who rps leader?))

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