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Fawnwhisker leaped when a twig cracked under another dog's paws. She's been so jumpy lately since Icywind died.

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Fawnwhisker whipped her head around, her back fur bistling. When she son Hermittsong, the fur laid back down. "Oh, it's just you," she sighed.

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Fawnwhisker paced nervously. "Oh, I don't know. I haven't been out yet today."

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Fawnwhisker shook her head rapidly. "Even if I could I wouldn't. They might be out there."

message 5: by Carson (new)

Carson Whiteturtle watched the other dogs.

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Fawnwhisker turned her attention to Whiteturtle. "Whiteturtle, are there any mroe enemy dogs out ther?" she asked nervously.

message 7: by Carson (new)

Carson "Don't that I can see."Whiteturtle replied.

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Fawnwhisker shifted her paws. "C-Can you do me a favor Whiteturtle?"

message 9: by Carson (new)

Carson Whiteturtle cocked her head. "Are you okay?"

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"Yes," Fawnwhisker said quickly. "Anyway I need to some comfrey. Can you go get some? I would get them myself but, there might be enemy dogs still out there."

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Grasswhistle yawns as she walks out into the forest.

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Grasswhistle returned with a few voles in her mouth. She dropped them off at the fresh-kill pile and noticed Hermittsong's offer. "I'll help, too!" She said.

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"Come on Hermittsong, let's go." Grasswhistle began to walk out into the forest to get the herbs.

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"Now, what does comfrey smell like again?" Grasswhistle scented the air.

message 15: by Carson (new)

Carson Whiteturtle ran to catch up.

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Grasswhistle breathed in deeply and sighed, enjoying the fresh air. Then she sniffed again. "What about over here?" She padded over to a small patch of comfrey.

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Fawnwhiskers watched the three warriors leave. A sudden thought entered Fawnwhisker's mind. I forgot to tell them what comfrey smells and looks like!

message 18: by Carson (new)

Carson "That looks good,I guess."Whiteturtle said looking up.

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Grasswhistle shrugged. "Well, let's just bring it back." She tore a mouthful of the plants from the ground and headed back to camp.

message 20: by Carson (new)

Carson Whiteturtle grabbed a mouthful too and started heading back.

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Grasswhistle padded into camp and dropped the pile at Fawnwhiskers' paws.

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Grasswhistle wagged her tail in anticipation of praise.

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Fawnwhisker frowned. "That's watermint. Oh well, I need some any way, even though I really needed comfrey."

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Grasswhistle frowned. "Jerks," She muttered under her breath.

message 25: by Carson (new)

Carson Whiteturtle looked at her sister. "Do you need us to find some or is that good?"

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Grasswhistle padded away into the forest.

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Grasswhistle breathed in the fresh air happily. It was good to get away from those other wolves sometimes.

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Grasswhistle scented the air. She began to stalk a large rabbit.

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Misfit #1 | 124 comments Mod
GlazePaw padded into camp, a fat rabbit and 2 meager mice. "Do you like my catch HermittSong?" she asked shyly, looking at her paws.

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"Can I come hunting with you?" GlazePaw offered.

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Grasswhistle buries her dead rabbit. She starts to look for more prey.

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((Thanks. Y'know she likes him?))

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Grasswhistle sighed and laid down in the sun.

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Grasswhistle began to doze off.

((insert Whisperpack sending her off to help Darkpack here))

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"HermittSong, can we practice sone fighting moves?" asked GlazePaw.

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"Where are we going?" she asked

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"Okay. What move are we going to practice?"

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"Okay" she replied as she mirrored the steps he had just shown her. "Did I do it right?"

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Grasswhistle fell into a deep sleep.

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"Okay" she replied nerveously.

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GlazePaw stretched out her flattened paw and swiped at Hermittsong's front paw then pinned him down triumphantly. "Do you think _____Star is going to make me a warrior yet? I've been training for 3 moons!"

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"Am I going to have my assesment soon?"

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Grasswhistle was sleeping.

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((umm, whisperpack needs to send her off to help darkpack))

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((Send who? GlazePaw?))

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((I thought so. Cuz I saw WhisperPack's posting after I looked at this so, yeah))

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