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Slide, a Modern Satire on the Excess of Greed
Past Fashion Fiction Group Reads > Slide, A Modern Satire on the Excess of Greed by Saira Viola

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message 1: by Jamie (new)

Jamie  (jaymers8413) | 524 comments Mod
This is for the discussion of the September/October fashion inspired fiction book winner Slide, A Modern Satire on the Excess of Greed by Saira Viola.

Slide, A Modern Satire on the Excess of Greed

message 2: by Jamie (new)

Jamie  (jaymers8413) | 524 comments Mod
Has anyone found a free copy on the web? The book is not available at my library so just let me know! If you have been able to snatch a copy let me know what you think of Slide!

Koako De Gras | 1 comments Hey Jamie I read this book which was at my friend's house party ! It was wild . The best elements about the novel are that the writer describes people. places and even skylines with references to modern culture and fashion . If you want I can mail you my copy it's a very very cool book here's what you're missing and one of my best quotes in it :

"She was a potent blend of blonde Afghan hound and Donatella Versace...always ready for confrontation" ..."Dressed in a white dinner coat with ornate gold stitching, she wore wrap around Gucci shades and a poisnous frown". The descriptions of society people and gangsters is awesome . I checked on line and the aujtor's web page is under construction but some of her work is showcased on storm books . Also I found the descriptions of clubs and bars really cool . Very much appeals to the Gossip Girl genearation:)

Pippa Strong (pippasp) | 7 comments My turn ! I loved this book for so many reasons but mostly because it is unbelievably honest about fashion. There is an unabridged version people spoke of on the net and I will look into it otherwise Jamie is very welcome to my copy ! Even the cover is an assualt on style and created by surrealist painter Micheal Del Monty . I love the way the writer describes new wealth and traditional elegance these sorts of differences are very obvious in a class divided society and Britain is still split on these lines as much as the rest of the world . You can tell the way she writes she has a real love of fashion and is able to define not just the clothes but the cultural trends of fashion in a very stylish way .

Heather Miller (halie) | 9 comments My online search revealed that the author is featured as Writer of the Month on and the work on there is very colourful and graphic . I agree with Pippa's review you will either love it or it will shock and terrify . The descriptions of clothes are spot on though :)

message 6: by Jamie (new)

Jamie  (jaymers8413) | 524 comments Mod
Thanks for offering to let me borrow your book but I think Heather has a download for me! Thanks for joining the group!

message 7: by Jamie (new)

Jamie  (jaymers8413) | 524 comments Mod
So what are your thoughts on this book? Please let us know!

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