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To prepare myself for vision quest, I've found a couple of books that deal with shamanic journeying and shamanic breathwork. Sandra Ingerman wrote a very concise book about shamanic breathwork, and the book even comes with a CD to help you take your own journey.

The book is simple and offers suggestions for how to journey and what types of journies you can take. The idea is that you are accessing spiritual guides and power animals that can help you along your path. The more you journey, the more you enrich your relationships with these guides.

Anyone who meditates should have the focus and concentration required of journeying. What I mean by that is you will understand how to deal with thoughts that pop up.

Does anyone have any experience with shamanic journeying? What do you know about it? Have come acrossed any books that touch on the subject?

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Starr | 183 comments Mod
Correction: Sandra Ingerman's book is called "Shamanic Journeying" and not "Shamanic Breathwork."

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