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Jennifer (jennafraugh) | 444 comments Mod
Here's the thread for the first in the Baxter family series! If you haven't read this series, you should!!

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Jennifer (jennafraugh) | 444 comments Mod
1. To which character did you most closely relate in the book? Why?

2. Where have you seen redemption in your own life? Reflect on a time when you were in need of God’s redemption and found it. How did that happen?

3. Which characters best exemplified the type of love you would like to have in your relationships? How did they express their love?

4. What did you think of Kari’s resolve to stay married? How did she demonstrate her resolve? Was it something that came easily for her? What threatened her resolve?

5. List some of the attributes that might describe the love Kari had for her husband. How might those same attributes be helpful—or possible—in your own life?

6. What finally turned Tim around? What kept him from loving Kari as he had promised to love her? Which of those hindrances do you see in your own life? What can you do about them?

5. How did you feel about Ryan Taylor? Describe the kind of love he had for Kari during the first half of the book. How did that love change? In what relationships do you love people the way Ryan initially loved Kari? What can you do to change?

6. Many people gave Kari advice about her situation. If Kari had asked you for advice, what would you have told her? Why?

7. Kari’s siblings are important to her. Describe the relationship she has with each one. Describe the relationships you have with your siblings.

8. Describe the relationship between John and Elizabeth Baxter. What were some of the subtle signs and practical ways they showed their love for each other? What are the practical ways you do or could show your love to the people in your relationships?

9.Throughout Redemption, God found creative ways to speak to the people in the story. How does God speak to you? At the same time, consider the ways of the enemy and his distracting voice. In what ways is the enemy trying to distract you?

10. Clear Creek Community Church played a significant role in the lives of several of the Baxter family members. What positive influence did the church people have on various family members? Was the church’s involvement with the family effective or would you have wanted Christians to handle things differently? Explain. What roles do your church friends or leaders play in your relationships?

message 3: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer (jennafraugh) | 444 comments Mod
You don't have to answer them all, this just to generate some discussion.

message 4: by Jaye (new)

Jaye I'm not sure that I related closely to any of the characters, but I definitely admired Kari the most. I even missed her in the next book of the series! I believe that her character is a great role model in regards to what it means to be a mature and steady child of God.

Kari and the way she loves are an inspiration to me.I admired her strength of spirit and her determination to stand by her husband in the face of such difficulties, and the way in which she handled the hurtful situation with such grace.

To me her character displays what it means to have an intimate soul connection with the Father and how to walk in love, regardless of the situation! :)

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Jennifer (jennafraugh) | 444 comments Mod
I agree. I love Kari. Don't think I could ever do what she did and stand by her husband after all of that.

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Jennifer (jennafraugh) | 444 comments Mod
I love Elizabeth too! I love all the Baxter family! lol

But, you do make some excellent points. Loving others through the small things everyday in life is what makes things special.

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