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Jennifer (jennafraugh) | 444 comments Mod
Ok, Start reading and post whenever you want to throughout the month. Lets try to generate more discussion among everyone!

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Jennifer (jennafraugh) | 444 comments Mod
1. What did this book teach you about cystic fibrosis? What personal experience do you have with this disease?

2. How did Ali’s sister’s death shape the person she became?

3. What else about Ali’s background affected her outlook on competing? How did her past affect outlook on relationships?

4. Describe something in your background that affected your career and your relationships?

5. How did you feel about the way Ali’s mother handled her choices? How would you have handled a sick child‘s decision to do something they loved that might shorten their life?

6. What about Cody’s background shaped who he became? How did your relationshipwith your parents shape you?

7. What about Cody was proof that he had a deep faith? What about Ali?

8. Why was it important to Ali that Cody and his father reconcile?

9. Describe the reconciliation between Cody and his father? Have you experienced reconciliation in a key relationship? Explain.

10. What did Carl Joseph reveal about Cody’s personality at the beginning of the book? At the end of the book?

11. If you knew someone you loved only had three years to live, would you marry him or her? Why? Why not?

12. Describe the importance of getting the most out of every day. Did this book change your viewpoint on that?

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Jennifer (jennafraugh) | 444 comments Mod
Like I said in the other thread, you don't have to answer every single question. Just something to start a discussion.

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