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 Danielle The Book Huntress (Wants to Read More) (gatadelafuente) | 7308 comments Mod
Just a quick set of guidelines for starting/participating in discussions. Freedom of speech is important and encouraged, but so are respect for others and respect for the existence of a peaceful environment in which we can discuss what is important to us. So we have to have rules.

1.Please feel free to create topic threads! To create a discussion thread, click on 'new' at the top of the list of open discussion threads. Enter your topic into the topic box and type your comments in the comment box. Click on post and your discussion will show up. Please try to put the thread where you think it goes, click on the down arrow next to the empty folder box. It will provide a list of all folders, from which you can choose the place to put your discussion. If it is a duplicate, be warned that it may be deleted and your post copied to another thread. Please don't be offended. If you have questions, feel free to ask a moderator.

2.I am reiterating the quoting rule in various threads to make sure everyone understands:

This refers to taking someone's words, and copying them into a reply as use in an argument, or to dispute what someone has said. If you aren't sure what someone said, ask for clarification. If you want to disagree with them, just say that you disagree with what they said about x, y and z, and leave it at that. It's not necessary to quote their words back at them. This is not the same thing as hitting the reply button and having some of what someone has said in the reply you make.

In general, it's discouraged to hit the reply button. It just clogs up the thread. It's preferred to enter your comments into a blank comment box. It sounds nitpicky, but because of the issues we've had, I'm asking everyone to adhere to this.

If you have replied to someone in the past, don't worry about it. But, from now on, please don't hit the reply button. Just use a new comment box. Thanks to the moderators and members who have been following this policy.

3.Slurs, racial/sexist/discriminatory/provocatory/inflammatory comments and phrases are not allowed and can put a member at risk for removal. Let's not get political on this board. If you are of a certain religious belief or political affiliation, no one is asking you to deny that, but please don't let this become something divisive on this group. We are a varied group with different beliefs. No need to offend each other by putting down others' creeds or beliefs. Please be careful about what you post because it may be taken the wrong way.

4.Any thread that has disintegrated into arguments will be closed, and inflammatory posts will be deleted. If you don't agree with someone, just say, I disagree and leave it that. No point in continually making the same argument again and again.

Thanks for helping to keep this a fun and relaxed place to hang out!

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 Danielle The Book Huntress (Wants to Read More) (gatadelafuente) | 7308 comments Mod
This is just a reminder to everyone, not to to 'reply' to other comments, or to quote other members. Use an empty comment box and direct your specific comment to a member, if needed. From this point on, posts that include other member quotes will be deleted. Thanks for your cooperation.

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