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Mandy  Harmon (mandyharmon) A long time ago, 1995 to be exact, a war waged between the good and the bad, the hero and villain: Super against Super.

As the years dragged on in the midst of war Supers dwindled to a small number. Neither side was winning and so a temporary truce treaty was signed by both sides. The treaty outlined a few key rules and expectations and if any of them were broken- the truce was null and void.

The treaty consisted of these rules:

- Do not kill a Norm.
- Do not fight another Super.
- Do not recruit new fighters.

It was obvious to all that these rules would be broken, and they were.....

Years later, in 2020, the treaty has been broken. It is starting quiet with kidnappings, training, and scoping out perimeters. The recruiting of teen Supers and those who are strong enough to fight.

But this time there won't be a stalemate: one side will win- and the Dark is dying to show it will do just that.

Note: All credit who wrote this goes to Kenny, who is amazing and I wanted to use this so bad, so I did, but all credit goes to her for this awesome background!

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Ky (poeticshark) | 1731 comments Mod
*smiles happily* Thank-you Mandy. You rock, I'm glad you like it.

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Mandy  Harmon (mandyharmon) Psshaw. I freakin love it!

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