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message 1: by Kristine (new)

Kristine (kristine_a) | 140 comments Mod
I'm picking this up from the library this week but I thought I'd open up the discussion thread on the 1st for everyone else.

message 2: by Kathy (new)

Kathy | 60 comments Lincoln has always been my favorite president to read about. It was great to see all the pictures and review the stories I'd read in Sandburg's books many years ago. It was also interesting to me to read about how he agonized over slavery and yet couldn't make up his mind to abolish it.

message 3: by Ashley (new)

Ashley (affie) | 13 comments I did like this one. I've decided that I really like the photo-biography style, especially for kids.

message 4: by Leigh (new)

Leigh (leighb) Agreed, it's a great book and it's always fun to see a non-fiction win.

message 5: by Kristine (new)

Kristine (kristine_a) | 140 comments Mod
This book was fantastic. I thought the tone and vocab was perfect - it's not dumbed down but kids still get it. As an adult I was fascinated. I loved getting such a conscise summary of his life but I felt like I know him so much more. So many personal comments and stories were interwoven among his public accomplishments and outings. It did start tugging at my heartstrings to read about the Civil War and see the effects it had on him as this book had 5 portraits taken within the first 6 months of the war -- the man aged two decades! The photos made the book so much more real. There were funny parts and I was so sad when his two little boys died. Even worse was his assassination - I cried! And I'm not a crier! Now I really have to make a DC trip even more than I wanted to before!

I was really impressed with the author's ability to pull this story together from all of his resources the way he did. At the end of the book the author mentioned more books have been written about Lincoln than any other president, so he had a lot of material to work from.

message 6: by Ashley (new)

Ashley (affie) | 13 comments Kristine, if you do make a trip to DC (It's BEYOND fantastic, I strongly recommend it) be sure to stop in to the Museum of American History. They have a whole exhibit on Lincoln, and it's just amazing! You can see cast molds of his hands (which were HUGE) and face as well as a lot of other really neat artifacts and information about Lincoln and a lot of other really neat/important parts of American History.

message 7: by Dawn (last edited Oct 25, 2010 08:05PM) (new)

Dawn | 66 comments I also really appreciated this book. I agree with all of Kristine's comments about why it is so good. The pictures really make this book powerful. I also like that it is reasonably short and very accessible. That's how I like learning history, I guess. The Lincoln Photobiography is at a similar level to another book I loved, Shipwreck at the Bottom of the World by Jennifer Armstrong. It is "the extraordinary true story of Shackleton and the Endurance." The incredible pictures in Shipwreck make that story even more powerful, too.

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