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Mind of a dog

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Jon Katz Hey, I'm the author and I would love to come here regularly when "Rose In A Storm" comes out October 5. I would like to talk about the mind of a dog, a central theme of this book, my first novel in 10 years. I spent a lot of time talking to behaviorists about how dogs really think, as opposed to how we think they think.
It was a mesmerizing experience for me, one I would love to discuss.
The book was inspired by my border collie Rose, but is not about her. It was influenced by my work with her on Bedlam Farm. She is an amazing creature.
I see this as an awakening sorry.
Please check out my life and the work and life of my other dogs and books and photos real Rose, to whom the book is dedicated, at
So I'll be back. And will be happy to take questions.

message 2: by Jon (new)

Jon Katz In this topic,I hope to talk about how the minds of dogs really work. How they think in animal terms, not human terms. How we do a disservice to them by emotionalizing them.

Lori Jon, I liked your book Rose in a Storm very much. I also read a few other books you wrote. Izzy and Lenore, soul of a Dog. I especially liked that you had Izzy go into nursing homes and homes of the ill to comfort them. I also read A Good dog { sad}. as for Rose in A storm I thought you got inside a dogs mind well. I have had many dogs in my life. Our dog Molly died this summer at 16 years old{she is the dog in my avatar. We now have a family member "Roxie" a jack russell- chihuahua mix. we adopted her from the shelter. cannot imagine our family without a dog. I have enjoyed all of your books.

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