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Jill looked out of her Dorm room window looking out into New Pretty Town, seeing all the light on it looked beautiful and seeing all the New Pretties lighting off Fireworks and having Parties at the Mansion's. She sighed wanting to be one of them so badly. She wanted to be with her friend Brock, he always said that they would be best friends forever but once he got his operation done last year he hasn't came to visit her once or hadn't even writen a letter for her. It was like he had just forgotten all about her and was to consumed up in New Pretty Town and being Pretty to remember her. He was the only friend she really had. All the Uglies would be in bed right now sleeping, while all the Pretties were out there drinking and partying. She thought maybe if she snuck across the bridge without anybody seeing her she could sneak into the Mansion Brock lived in and see him, without being caught by any of the other New Pretties. Since Uglies weren't allowed in New Pretty Town it was hard for the Uglies to see there old friends, the thing was is that Pretties are allowed in Uglyville but they never come and visit.

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sandra Sophie was woken up in the middle of the night, like usauall. She got up and walked into her bathroom and just starred at herself in the mirror, she hated her self . . sometimes she wished she could just drop dead. She hated everything about herself, her dream was to become a pretty and leave this hell hole.

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Jill snuck out of her dorm room and took her hoverboard with her. She snuck outside and clipped on her belly sensor and put on her crash braclet. She hopped onto her hoverboard and started to slowly ride over to New Pretty Town.

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sandra Sophie finally stopped looking at herself and stalked off back to bed, hopefully to have a some what peacefull dream .

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SQUEAK! (Lisa) (fictionheart) Song giggled at Jill when she saw her going by. "Whatcha up to?"

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Jill looked down at Song, she saw that she was a Pretty. She quickly took up speed.

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SQUEAK! (Lisa) (fictionheart) Song followed along. "You're not supposed to be here," she giggled.

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Jill sped up faster and then ended up disappearing into the Pleasure Garden

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SQUEAK! (Lisa) (fictionheart) Song shrugged and giggled. "Maybe she's finding hidden treasures."

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Jill got off of her hoverboard and walked around quietly trying to find Garbo Mansion. She eventually found it and looked around, she had put up her hood so nobody could see her ugly face. She didn't recognize anybody but she did recognize some of the voices. Then she heard one that stood out from all the others. She looked at the guy speaking and walked up to him quietly, he was alone as he had finished tumbling down a hill from a bungee jacket. He had stood up wobbling on his feet, he was drunk. She tapped his shoulder softly and he looked at her "Hi's me....Jill" She said.

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Savannah (savvy15) | 9 comments Maggie sat in her dorm room and stared out her window at New Pretty Town. Watching the fireworks, smiling. She wished her brithday would come so she get the operation and a New Pretty already.

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. (onawhim) Ronnie took a seat next to Maggie, glancing wistfully out at the fireworkds. She sighed. "It really sucks, doesn't it, Maggie-wa?"

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Jill got back to Uglyville just in time to see her two friends Maggie and Ronnie, she walked into the dorm "Hey Maggie-wa, hey Ronnie-la" She smiled and sat down next to them "I saw Brock tonight" She said quietly

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. (onawhim) Ronnie's already huge bright green eyes widened. "What?! You went hoverboarding to Pretty Town without us?" Her unusually full bottom lip pouted. Ronnie's voice dropped as she leaned over to Jill conspiratorially. "How did it go?" she asked in a hushed whisper.

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"It went..." She trailed off thinking for a word to describe it "Intresting?" She said not sure about it. "Okay, well I saw Brock and he was Pretty!" She said "I didn't even recognize him, only his eyes and his voice. He told leave and that we'd be Best Friends....once I was Pretty" Jill told them "He's not the same Brock when he was an Ugly, he's...different"

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. (onawhim) "Well, we'll all be different, once we're Pretties," Ronnie said confidentially. "I can't wait, there's just a week left." She sighed with excitement.

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Savannah (savvy15) | 9 comments Maggie looked away from the window and at Ronnie and Jill. "What?" she said a bit distracted.

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. (onawhim) "For my birthday, silly," Ronnie said, smacking Maggie's head with a giggle. "One week until I'm a Pretty." She stared out at the bright lights with a wistful sigh.

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Savannah (savvy15) | 9 comments Maggie giggled and said "Oh, yeah."

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. (onawhim) "And I promise I won't ditch you like Brock did, Jill-wa," Ronnie said earnestly. "Promise."

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"That's what he said" Jill said quietly wiping away a single tear that went down her cheek

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. (onawhim) Ronnie sighed, wrapping a comforting arm around Jill. "Listen. Boys are always like that. Not me. I promise, Jill-wa." Forcing a bright smile on her face, she added, "And besides, soon you'll be a Pretty! So hot even Brock won't be able to resist you."

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Savannah (savvy15) | 9 comments Maggie nodded. "Ronnie-la is right. Once your a pretty no guy will be able to resist you."

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. (onawhim) Ronnie sniffed. "Ugh. I need to go crash a party soon. Tomorrow night, I hear there's gonna be a huge bash that Calendula Kiss is throwing. That natural Pretty." Ronnie pointed her nose up in jealousy.

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Jill smiled a bit "Then let's crash it, we'll be natural crims" She said

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. (onawhim) "Already are totally crim," Ronnie said with a wide grin. "I'm going to get flash tattoos on every inch of my body," she said with a mocking brag.

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Jill laughed "Sure sure, but I am going to get one exactly like I showed you on the wall screen, isn't it just "bubbly-making" She mocked

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. (onawhim) Ronnie kicked back on the bed, smiling sleepily. "Mhm. Definitely bubbly-making with bubbles on top," she said with a wink. "Where are you getting it?"

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"Down my arm" Jill replied head very high feeling proud "I hope Brock will like it" She blushed

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. (onawhim) "I think you should get it somewhere where Brock won't see it at first," Ronnie said, her sultry voice teasing. "You can make him guess."

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Jill blushed even more "Where? Ronnie-la" Jill asked

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. (onawhim) "Leave that to his imagination," Ronnie said with a wink. "Wanna see my newest face on the wall-screen?"

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Jill nodded "Of course Ronnie-la" She said

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. (onawhim) "Et voila!" Ronnie said with a flourish, after setting up the wall-screen.
The face on the screen was Ronnie's right side. She'd kept her lovely eye colour and lips, though everything else had been perfected.

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Savannah (savvy15) | 9 comments Maggie smiled and said "Pretty."

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"Very pretty Ronnie-wa" Jill said

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. (onawhim) "They never go according to the wall-screen anyway," Ronnie said with a roll of her eyes.

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"I know, it sucks" Jill said "But you'll be gorgeous anyways" She said

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. (onawhim) "No. I'll be just like everyone else," Ronnie commented, fingering a lock of her tangled, frizzy hair.

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"They can do suggestions, it's been done before" Jill told her

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. (onawhim) Ronnie sighed, flopping down on her bed and staring glumly at the wall-screen. "They won't want me to keep my eyes and mouth," she said, arching an eyebrow.

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Savannah (savvy15) | 9 comments Maggie walked over to her bed and sat down "You never know. Maybe they will" she said laying back.

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"I like your eyes" She said "There pretty"

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Savannah (savvy15) | 9 comments Maggie nodded and said "Your eyes are the prettiest eyes I've seen."

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. (onawhim) Ronnie blushed, a full-on ugly blush that went to the roots of her dull and frizzy hair. "You guys are way too nice," she protested, covering her tomato-red face with her hands. "Wow. I can't really believe... it's so soon."

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"I know right! I soooo cant wait" She grinned

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. (onawhim) "When's your birthday, Jill-wa?" Ronnie asked curiously, flipping off the wall-screen with a stretch of her finger.

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"February 21" She sighed

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. (onawhim) "Sad-making," Ronnie said with a sigh, feeling terrible for her friend. "I'll miss you."

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