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Brock looked at Jill and his jaw tensed a bit "Jill your not suppose to be here" He said his words slurred as he talked. "I know but I had to come, you haven't visited me or sent a letter since you became pretty" She said softly. Brock sighed "I know Jill" He said. "You said best friends forever" She told him crossing her arms looking up into his beautiful eyes, those she recognized. "We will be best friends forever...once you turn pretty" Brock grinned. Jill nodded and gave him a hug. Brock hugged her back slightly probably not wanting to look at her ugly face or anything "Now you better go before they catch you" He said. Jill nodded then left.

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Brock looked around still very drunk and he saw one of his old friends, Hanna. "Hanna!" He said and ran to her stumbling over stuff and was zig zagging over to her and gave her a GIGANTIC hug.

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Brock hugged her tightly "Come on and have a drink!" He smiled laughing

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"Sure sure, once you have one your hooked" He giggled like a little girl.

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Brock smirked and looked at her "Okay well we need to give cheers so take another cup of vodka and let's cheer for you becoming a Pretty" He smiled

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Brock smiled and took another glass

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Brock stayed at the party drinking and stuff

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Brock took some more drinks and then fell

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Brock opened his eyes slightly and sat up "Am I in my room?"

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((There's not houses, they live in dorms))

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"I need to go" He hiccuped "Back out there"

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"All my friends are still" He hiccuped "Partying, your being totally bogus"

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"Dude, I haven't seen you for a year. It's not like I need your help all the time" He said "Your so bogus"

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Brock stumbled up to the roof, his guy friends were there. They dared him to jump off the roof with a bungee jacket "Sure!" He giggled and put it on then jumped off the roof, totally bubbly making.

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Brock went down off the roof thinking he was going to hit the ground but then just at the last second the bungee jacket lifted back up squeezing his body and then back down and up again. He finally landed and he stood up "Totally Bubbly-making!"

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((There's no clubs, it's just a city full of mansions with dorms in them for the pretties))

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((yeah there aren't any malls either, they get all their clothes from a hole in the wall.))

Avery was laying face-down on her hover-board as watched the bubbleheads in New Pretty Town make fools of themselves. She squinted her eyes, disgusted at them. Then, in one flawless manuever, she leaped up and on her feet on the hoverboard. She tilted it down slightly and raced across the night sky towards the top of one of the largest mansions. As a Cutter, she was allowed to have some , and maybe crash a few parties.

((Oh! And Pretties don't have knives with them, like at all. And the don't raise their vioces or get angry for more than briefs seconds.))

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*Sklip*  (stalkerninja) Ravyn sat on her bed in her room, wondering if the others would like her. Being a New Pretty was a little weird, more or less. She had waited for this moment for a while.

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Brock stumbled back up the hill to Garbo Mansion. He fell and crashed right onnthe hill.

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*Sklip*  (stalkerninja) Ravyn walked outside, deciding she wanted to be outside

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SQUEAK! (Lisa) (fictionheart) Song couldn't sleep. She looked up at the sky over Uglyville, trying to remember fuzzy things. "Another mystery? One day, I'll solve all of them, Roe."

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SQUEAK! (Lisa) (fictionheart) Song noticed Hanna and waved while giggling.

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SQUEAK! (Lisa) (fictionheart) Song watched.

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SQUEAK! (Lisa) (fictionheart) Song walked over. "Are we going to solve some mysteries today?"

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SQUEAK! (Lisa) (fictionheart) Song clapped her hands and jumped. "Yay! There's so many of them. Where do we start?"

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SQUEAK! (Lisa) (fictionheart) She shrugged and giggled. "I don't know. That's another mystery."

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SQUEAK! (Lisa) (fictionheart) Song giggled again.

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Avery sped towards Garbo Mansion on hopes of finding a good bubblebhead party, when she notice one of the bubbleheads on a hill, passed out from alchohal no doubt. She grinned to herlsef and landed quickly . Lifting her hoverboard with ease, she sprang over to him in a matter of seconds. She chuckled and semi-gently kicked him with her foot.

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Brock woke up with a jolt. He looked up at Avery "What the shit" He said then looked at her face. It was horribly pretty.

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She smirked down at him. The flash tattoos across her face spinning gracefully. "Well who might you be?" She said, making her voice silky and seductive.

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"I've heard about you people, your a Special" Brock said sitting up.

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"I'm not just any Special." She said. "I'm a Cutter. "

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"I've heard of you people too" Brock said

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"Well not many people have so you must know a lot of other things..." She started.

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"I know things" Brock said then looked at Hanna. Brock stood up, he knew Hanna liked him and it sucked because he didn't like her back. He grabbed Avery and kissed her hoping to get Hanna off his back.

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Avery's black eyes widened in surpirse, soemthing that's never happened since becoming Special. But then something click inside her head, and she understood what he was doing because of the bubblehead behind her. She smirked and let him kiss her.

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Brock held the kiss pretending that Hanna wasn't there.

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Avery ran her fingers through his hair. She loved messing with the randoms and bubbleheads, so she'd play along as best she could.

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Brock opened his mouth a bit then closed it smiling a bit, he actually liked this.

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Avery broke the kiss and smirked, her eyes looking straight at his, boring holes into his head. She thought she may may have heard a soft snivel coming from behind her, but that may have been her imagination.

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Brock looked deep into her eyes, they bored into his but she didnt scare him

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She smiled, her filed teeth gleaming. "Follow me..." She said leading him to her hoverboard.

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Brock followed her and stumbled onto the hoverboard

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Once they were onshe lifted it into the air "I know you're drunk," She whispered in his ear. "But tell me if there's anywhere in particular you want to go..."

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(((There aren't skateboards))

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"No where imparticular" He smiled

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(And even if they're were, skateboarding is not better than hoverboarding.)

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(I knoo right)

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SQUEAK! (Lisa) (fictionheart) Song went around and she saw Brock on a hoverboard.

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