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Mustaine VS Metallica: classy or not?

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I found Mustaine's portrayal of the fallout of Metallica to be pretty classy and restrained -- I was expecting, from his history of saying insane and outlandish things, much worse. I also sympathize with his plight in that Metallica never should have recorded his songs without at least a courtesy call letting him know, and it's incredible to me that the industry functions in such a way that it could even be possible. You?

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Tront | 9 comments I don't know, he was on a lot of heroin, it doesn't surprise me that he didn't do more to try to go after them for this at the time. Also, I think he got back at them and Lars in particular by responding in Dutch in interviews he did. I'm sure he's said a lot of false / dumb things about the breakup in looser terms and in less official forums so he probably tempered his attacks on them in the book so they wouldn't be TOO on the record.

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Katie (illiterateteen) | 12 comments I kind think he's pulling a Danielle Staub where he's all, "well, I guess I'M the better person here because I can forgive." Which is leveraging forgiveness as just another revenge tactic in a oneupsmanship game. Real forgiveness is something I think my main man JESUS CHRIST needs to talk to Dave about. Speaking of which... can we talk about his conversion to super Christianity? Has everyone finished?

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Tront | 9 comments I'm not done yet, but I'm trying to spend more time in the bathroom to get it done ASAP

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Katie (illiterateteen) | 12 comments Laura, can I come over to your house this weekend and watch this? http://www.ruinedendings.com/film4593...

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Tront | 9 comments LOL @ Submitted by Hilary Duff McKagan

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Katie wrote: "Laura, can I come over to your house this weekend and watch this? http://www.ruinedendings.com/film4593..."


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Judah | 2 comments albums or in genaral

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