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message 1: by Bahar (new)

Bahar so which is the best book of Neil Gaiman ever??

message 2: by Mike (new)

Mike Bissonette | 2 comments I have read 80% of Niel Gaiman's books. All of his novels both graphic and otherwise are...words can't describe how good they are. But Stardust sticks out in my mind an absolutely perfect modern fairy tale. Get a hold of the Charles Vess illustrated version if you can. His art perfectly captures and enhances the story beautifully. Also if you can listen to the audiobook do it. Neil Gaiman personally narrates it and he has a perfect storytelling voice.

If you want the most Niel Gaiman bang for your buck get either American Gods or The Sandman graphic Novels which both tell stories of God like beings living among us. Although that description doesn't do Sandman justice.

Ok. So it's a tie. The Best novel is Stardust. The Best Graphic novel is the entire Sandman series (including the Death miniseries and Endless Nights) If you can find them get the Absolute Sandman series.

The best is Season of mist in which Lucifer decides to retire from hold the keys of Hell and bequeaths them to Sandman. So well done. But read the whole series and see the improvement of Niel Gaiman's writing as the series progresses.

message 3: by Bahar (new)

Bahar Stardust is my most favourite too..n i haven't read the Sandman series yet,bt i intend soon as i can get it,dat is..

message 4: by Root (last edited Nov 21, 2011 04:01PM) (new)

Root (marquisemerteuil) My list is:
American Gods
Murder Mysteries

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