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message 1: by Janie (new)

Janie I found this to be one of George's best works so far. She transcends the genre as far as I'm concerned, with her character development particularly. This was actually quite poignant, not to mention an excellent read! Warming: don't pick it up until you're ready to ignore everything and everyone else.

Lyn Miller Lacoursiere Another of her great books that has kept me up late at night. Her characters are skillfully endowed with promises of intrigue and adventure for the reader and we love it!

Lobstergirl I liked this one too, although I wish she didn't find it so necessary to focus on sexual excesses and deviance. It gets stale. (Was it ever fresh, really?) It was a good one from the standpoint of Lynley, though. Lots of Lynley drama.

message 4: by Merle (last edited Jan 27, 2012 06:31PM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Merle I actually prefer the next book, This Body of Death. I recognize that this one is necessary to provide for Lynley's time of mourning and healing (despite himself). I just don't care for the story. The next one IMHO comes back up to George's usual standard of writing.

Lewis Weinstein I have long been a fan of Elizabeth George. She has managed the difficult task of sustaining characters over many books and a long time frame. Her stories are always suspenseful and thoughtful. My favorite character is Barbara Havers. In my opinion, the greater her role, the better the book.

George King I'm not going to outline the plot, which many reviewers have already, but I'll mention what I like and dislike about the author's writing. Elizabeth George has a remarkable vocabulary, and it's very satisfying to read a police procedural that's literate and intelligent--the antithesis of the James Patterson pablum. The description of the setting is meticulous and compelling--who would have thought that surfing on the Cornwall coast could be so seductive? George's characters have psychological complexity, but here is where I have one admonishment. The author's subplots are deeply detailed and supply more than enough "MacGuffins." I would limit or excise some of these in order to improve the pace of the narrative, especially because some of the characters are tangential to the crime.

Lewis Weinstein I agree fully with your comments about vocabulary, setting, and psychological complexity. The balancing of "depth" and "pace" is very difficult, and also very subjective. I struggle with this issue constantly in writing my own novels. Most often, I come down (reluctantly) on the side of pace. Maybe that's why I enjoy the contrast of the opposite focus in George's writing.

Barbara Love Elizabeth George's books. I agree with all those who say her outline of the plot, descriptions, vocabulary and character portrayal are excellent. Thank you reviewer *George* who referred to James Patterson's style as pablum - love it!! I can't stand to read his drivel anymore. I NEVER tire of Eliz. George. I was a bit mad about what happened to Lynley's wife, but understood the reason & I think it will help the series in the long run.

Christina Mitchell I keep bumping around the series. I became acquainted with the books initially because I enjoy PBS's *Masterpiece Mystery*. I started searching out the books following. I have not read them in order because I patronize my library bookstore, meaning I purchase from donations. I just finished the first in the series, "A Great Deliverance." George is excellent in weaving her characters. I am intrigued by Lynly and Havers (especially Havers because I have a special warm place in my heart for characters that are complete messes).

"Careless in Red" again did what George is excellent in doing...weaving precise and deep characters, actually making them come to life. I like all the little bits of detail that authors like Patterson dismiss in lieu of action.

Rachael love Elizabeth George and I rarely, if ever hear anyone in Ireland mention her. Have to say though that Careless in Red was one of my least favourite. Cornwall sounds lovely though

Carol Mann Great read. The perfect murder? I was kept guessing to almost the very end. The hunch I had as to who committed the murder didn't pan out, although I was sort of in the right church, so to speak. The characters are well-developed.

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