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LynnB I'm just getting around to reading this now, but thought I'd get a thread ready in case anyone wanted to comment.

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LynnB Chapters 1-6 are about Kitty and Levin's wedding, and it is amazing how much it was like reading about many church weddings even today. The little flustery things that happen and the images of a formal wedding.

I haven't read chapters 7-11 yet, get to those tomorrow.

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LynnB In chapters 7-11, the story changes subject and goes on to Anna and Vronsky. Anna has forgotten her former husband and son. She is happily and entirely wrapped up in Vronsky and her daughter by him, Annie. Vronsky, on the other hand, has now fulfilled his desire in getting her and is now realizing that he isn't all that happy. He is bound and constrained by the responsibilities to Anna and her daughter. Once again he is not content and is wishing for more in life. Without a doubt, the lack of contentedness for Vronsky was not a surprise to me. It has not been uncommon in any era, I'm sure, that we get what we desire so much -- and find out it wasn't really what we wanted. I don't feel a lot of sorrow for him!

Vronsky decides to try painting and began with a portrait of Anna. Anna, in the meantime, is becoming jealous of Annie's nurse as she draws Vronsky's attention for painting. During this time they meet an old acquaintance of Vronsky's, Golenishtchev, and they discuss art and go to visit the artist, Mihailov. I don't have much to say about this last part, but the story is continuing on with Milhailov, so maybe it comes to more in later chapters.

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Jen (jeninseattle) | 140 comments It's an interesting addition of a character (Milhailov) seemingly sort of late in the book isn't it? I haven't been able to suss out his purpose yet. I keep thinking some of these things will start drawing together. Although, I guess there are still 300 pages to go. :-)

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LynnB I wonder if either (Milhailov or Golenishtchev) turn out to be anyone, or if this is just one of those visits like earlier in the book with some of the farmers. Sort of hard to tell at this point.

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Jen (jeninseattle) | 140 comments I just have this feeling about Tolstoy, that everything in here is somehow purposeful, and that in certain places (this being one) I do not get the purpose.

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