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Mars Candy Kills!!!

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message 1: by Angel♥ (new)

Angel♥ (angellover512) Before you stock up on candy this Halloween, you
should know that candymaker Mars funds deadly
animal experiments even though not one of the
tests is required by law, there are more reliable
human studies and Hershey’s, the company’s top
competitor, has banned all tests on animals.

Mars has funded cruel experiments in which mice
were fed a candy ingredient and forced to swim
in a pool of diluted paint. The mice had to find a
hidden platform to avoid drowning, only to be
killed and dissected later.

In another experiment funded by Mars, experimenters fed rats cocoa and
then collected their blood by injecting a needle
directly into their hearts—a procedure that can
lead to internal bleeding and other deadly

Mars also supported an experiment
in which baby mice were crammed into small
Plexiglas chambers and submerged for nearly five
hours in chilled water just to see if a chocolate
ingredient affected their breathing rate.

Please don’t buy any of these Mars products
until the company drops its deadly animal tests:
• M&M’S

I believe in this to much to let it be unknown. I have stopped eating those candies and I will not eat them until they do something about it. We CAN make a change and i think we should start now.

to get this known...start a conversation in all of ur goodreads groups stating this. join other groups to get this known. Do whatever u can to stop this awful killing! Make a change.

message 2: by Allie (new)

Allie (pearlrose95) WE KNOW!!!
I agree with you and everything, and I don't eat it anymore, but will you quit putting the thingsy EVERYWHERE

Xerxes Break(Vivian Ephona) (ephona) Agreed. I'm wishy washy (and won't eat things w/caramel cause I can't) but, please, stop posting it everywhere!

message 4: by Call me Random (new)

Call me Random I Agree w/ Ephona!

message 5: by Annie/Soul (new)

Annie/Soul I agree too. Very nice to spread it, but it's starting to drive me crazy.

message 6: by Katie (new)

Katie | 158 comments yep its sort of like ummm EVERYONE KNOWS ALREADY with all the chain letters and stuff from LAST YEAR lol :)

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