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Mandy sighed sitting away from the other children in the orphanage. She sighed softly and pulled her grilled cheese to her lips only to drop it on the plate. She didn't wanna eat. She never really did eat unless they forced her to.

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Blythe sat in her usual corner picking at her usual salad. She wasnt hungry today. She had decided that at breakfast when Glenn had been adopted. Glenn was to silly little four year old boy that would sit with her even though she never talked. Blythe sighed and picked up her roll that sat on her plate.

Caden laughed loudly tossing some of the crust from his sandwich across the table at another orphan, Secretly hopping a food fight would start, he was quite bored.

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She pushed the plate away and layed her head on the table. The closest orphan was Caden who was always a loud laughed. She sighed softly.

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