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message 1: by Holly (new)

Holly | 142 comments Mod
So I just read Bitten by Kelley Armstrong (the first book in this series) and I thought I'd add a discussion about this in case anyone else has read it. We're a bit sparse on the number of werewolf series we have.

message 2: by Mackenzie (new)

Mackenzie RM (mackenzierm) I haven't read anything from this series, but I want to. Did you enjoy the first book?

message 3: by Holly (new)

Holly | 142 comments Mod
It wasn't bad. It had an interesting twist on werewolves. Well, I guess it's not actually a twist so much as just an interesting look at them and their lore. I loved the main character, Elena. I didn't give it 5 stars, but it was still pretty good.

message 4: by Jessica (BookRockGoddess) (last edited Sep 01, 2010 11:33AM) (new)

Jessica (BookRockGoddess) Bolton (bookrockgodess) I love this book. I read it a while back and I hve to say that I liked it alot. I loved that Elena tried to live a normal life but finally came to the reality of it all that she was different and it was time to embrace it, and be what she is and not what she thinks she wants to be. I have been meaning to read the second book but I just havent got around to it.

message 5: by Holly (new)

Holly | 142 comments Mod
I haven't gotten to the 2nd one yet either, but I hear they're introducing tons of other supernaturals, like vamps and fae or something. At least, that's how the summary made it sound.

Jessica (BookRockGoddess) Bolton (bookrockgodess) Yeah, I really should get on it but I am doing a lot of reading challenges this month. Well, maybe I can fit it in sometime this month or next.

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