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message 1: by Brian (last edited Aug 31, 2010 03:33PM) (new)

Brian (brianjjaxn) | 22 comments Melanie Jackson is the author of over 20 paperback historical and paranormal romances. And now she's releasing her backlist on eBook.

P.S. She's also my beloved wife.

Please let me hear from you if you're familiar with my wife's work. Meanwhile, here are some questions:

1) What's your favorite Melanie Jackson novel?

2) Who's your favorite Melanie Jackson character?

3) Who do you see playing what role in a Melanie Jackson movie?

Feel free to ask questions of the author; after all, we have a captive author -- let's have fun with it.

message 2: by Martha (new)

Martha (marthas48) I haven't read any, but am adding them to my tbr list now. Glad you're both in this great group!!

message 3: by Brian (new)

Brian (brianjjaxn) | 22 comments The First Book of Dreams Metropolis (Book 1) by Brian Jackson The First Book of Dreams: Metropolis by Brian Jackson and Melanie Jackson

Welcome to the Narcoscape, the place of dreams where infants are beguiled by visions and do not wake in the morning. It is the shadowy realm of the coma patient and the last stop for the drug users who come looking for the arms of Morpheus. It is the kingdom of the insane, the place where dark things prey on the mind.

If you are lost in the Narcoscape you need a dream retrieval expert like Nicodemus Smith, the ghost hunter, the slayer of night terrors who won't negotiate with the Dream Police.

Prepare to enter the dream world, a world like you've never experience before. And hold onto your hat, it's going to be a wild ride.

Kindle: Amazon, All Formats: Smashwords.

message 4: by Brian (new)

Brian (brianjjaxn) | 22 comments Splat!!!

So far, Metropolis has landed on the charts with a loud splat (or possibly a cowed whimper).

Would anyone who's taken a look at the book and decided not to go there like to provide some insights as to what turned them off?

I would much appreciate any input you can provide.

message 5: by Brian (new)

Brian (brianjjaxn) | 22 comments Okay, let's try this instead...

The first three readers to email will receive free copies of the eBook The First Book of Dreams: Metropolis (please specify the format you would like in your email, e.g. Kindle/.mobi, Nook/.epub, PC/.pdf).

Ah, but there's a catch. If you don't like the book, do as you must. If you do like the book, I'm asking that you provide a Goodreads and Amazon review to that affect. Anything else you can think of to drum up some business would be much appreciated.

So, here's your chance to help promote a little known eBook.


message 6: by Brian (new)

Brian (brianjjaxn) | 22 comments I should point out that I need you to send an email because I can't attach your book to a Goodreads message.

message 7: by Brian (new)

Brian (brianjjaxn) | 22 comments Just a short note to let you know that I am no longer accepting requests for a free copy of The First Book of Dreams: Metropolis.

message 8: by Brian (last edited Oct 04, 2011 10:07AM) (new)

Brian (brianjjaxn) | 22 comments Beast of a Feast (A Chloe Boston Mystery Book 11) by Melanie Jackson is now available in eBook.

It's autumn in Hope Falls, the time of year that thoughts turn to family, friends, and large meals. Instead of hosting a large Thanksgiving meal at her place, Chloe opts to have a cozy dinner out with her husband, Alex. But her plans are changed for her and soon grow out of control. Meanwhile, Chloe is on the lookout for a lost boy in this delightful holiday romp.

On eBook at: Amazon(Kindle), B&N(Nook), Smashwords(All).

message 9: by Brian (new)

Brian (brianjjaxn) | 22 comments The Secret Staircase by Melanie Jackson is the first eBook in a new mystery series by the author of the Chloe Boston Mystery Series.

A strange inheritance leads Tess MacKay to an island in Maine. In her unknown relative's ancient house, she discovers that the sins of the past are very much alive and able to be visited on the children. Smugglers and pirates and an old curse are not just things of the past, but dangers and mysteries to be reckoned with today.

Available in eBooks from: Amazon(Kindle), B&N(Nook), Smashwords(All).

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