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message 1: by Mandy (last edited Aug 31, 2010 02:46PM) (new)

Mandy  Harmon (mandyharmon) Name:

message 2: by Elliott Alicia , I LOVE PHINEAS AND FERB. (new)

Elliott Alicia  | 1895 comments Mod
Name: Ryan
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Codename: (Help with this one please!)
Blonde hair and brown eyes
Attitude: Slightly depressed and cynical about the world in general
Family: Nobody important
Agency: No agency yet.
Weapons: (No clue. Help?)
Crush/Relationship: Dating Jess and he knows she's in AGIA
Other: Nothing.

message 3: by Catie (new)

Catie Hmmm. Maybe for his code name you could Hawkeye or Riddler or something. I don;t know...

Name: Ellie Hartbrook
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Codename: Halo
Appearance: Bleach blond hair that falls to about sholder blades. Bright blue eyes. fair skin with no freckles. He is about 5'4. Average build.
Personality: she is sweet but also extremly sarcstic. She gets easily annoyed. Hates the sound of a pen clicking.
Family: Mother who is an agent, father is and agent, no siblings
Agency: CIA
Weapons: Hi-Point M-15 pistol with high range steel tip bullets.
Crush/Relationship: Open
Other: Fill this in later

message 4: by Mandy (new)

Mandy  Harmon (mandyharmon) CATIE! It's been far too long dahling from Brandon Mull Lovers and Knights of the Dawn! Where have you been all this time!?

message 5: by Catie (new)

Catie A lot of stuff has been happening in my family. I haven't been able to get on for as long as I want for a while now.

message 6: by Mandy (new)

Mandy  Harmon (mandyharmon) I see. Well, glad to see ya.

message 7: by Catie (new)

Catie You too!! I'm looking for an acuall pictue for Ellie but for now her discription will due.

message 8: by Mandy (new)

Mandy  Harmon (mandyharmon) Goody!

message 9: by Catie (new)

Catie Well all the pictures I have found are crap. So that description will do.

message 10: by Jordan, The Picture Magician (aka Probie) (last edited Sep 01, 2010 03:23AM) (new)

Jordan, The Picture Magician (aka Probie) (thepicturemagicianakaprobie) Name: Michael Odcheka
Age: 34
Gender: Male
Codename: Osiris
Personality: Cold-blooded, merciless
Family: none
Agency: Freelance
Weapons: Dragunov SVD long range sniper rifle with scope
Crush/Relationship: none
Other: Freelance hitman. Born Egyptian.

message 11: by Mandy (new)

Mandy  Harmon (mandyharmon) WOAH. That. Is. Awesome.

Jordan, The Picture Magician (aka Probie) (thepicturemagicianakaprobie) thank ya, thank ya very much.

message 13: by Mandy (new)

Mandy  Harmon (mandyharmon) Name: Mei Lei (beautiful thunder in Chinese)
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Codename: Ocean Storm
Appearance: Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden <---Exactly like that.
Attitude: Extremely smart and clever, stubborn, sarcastic, cold, doesn't get attached easily, takes care of herself
Family: None, was found abandoned in a flea market in China when she was a baby.
Agency: She works for whatever she likes and whatever pays her well.
Weapons: Everything. She uses everything.
Crush/Relationship: None, has never had any....yet.
Other: Speaks Chinese, English and various other languages well. Loves tinkering with things, makes her own gadgets and stuff. Favorite color is blue. She loves the ocean (even though she's never seen it, only in pictures, but she wishes to see it really badly).

She moved to England when she was sixteen after living in an orphanage in China. Because of that, she speaks English with a British accent. A mission called her to America, where she is now.

message 14: by Ky, Hay gurl hay~ (new)

Ky (poeticshark) | 1731 comments Mod
Name: Becket-Rose Connelly
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Codename: Black Rose
Appearance: short dark brown curly hair. (to above her shoulders), emerald green eyes with silver shards, full red lips, short bangs to the left. 5'4"
Attitude: funny, extremely intelligent, cruel at times, mean at times,sarcastic, arrogant [at times:] , has a softer side that isn't as buried as she thinks.
Family: Evander is her brother. (her pretend brother Ryker might come into play)
Crush: Ryan
Agency: Ace of Spades
Weapons: generally she uses shurikans and knives. (tiny knives no bigger than pens that have paperthin diamond blades, so sharp!) but she does know how to use a gun..well, sort of.
Other: [is gorgeous:] Skilled ninja. (she knows a lot of martial arts) Despite working for a company that is full of assassins, Becket-Rose has never killed anyone yet. But she has done things that are just as bad. :P (torture, etc.) She is a torture 'artist'.

OH I FORGOT TO MENTION THAT SHE IS FROM SCOTLAND AND ENGLAND. She lived on the border so her accent is a mix of both.

message 15: by Mandy (new)

Mandy  Harmon (mandyharmon) Accents...heehee. How much I love them.

message 16: by Ky, Hay gurl hay~ (new)

Ky (poeticshark) | 1731 comments Mod
I know, arent they grand? Becket has been my spy character four times now. :D

message 17: by Mandy (new)

Mandy  Harmon (mandyharmon) I love her! =)

message 18: by Ky, Hay gurl hay~ (new)

Ky (poeticshark) | 1731 comments Mod
Sanka ma'am!

message 19: by Ky, Hay gurl hay~ (new)

Ky (poeticshark) | 1731 comments Mod
hehe He's kinda cute.

Anyway, nice charrie.

Jordan, The Picture Magician (aka Probie) (thepicturemagicianakaprobie) thanks. He plays a special agent on a TV show called NCIS, so I thought he would be perfect.

message 21: by Ky, Hay gurl hay~ (new)

Ky (poeticshark) | 1731 comments Mod
I love NCIS. :D

Now I know where I thought I knew him from!

message 23: by Ky, Hay gurl hay~ (new)

Ky (poeticshark) | 1731 comments Mod
DiNozzo. :D

message 25: by Ky, Hay gurl hay~ (new)

Ky (poeticshark) | 1731 comments Mod
I need to watch that show again.

message 27: by Ky, Hay gurl hay~ (new)

Ky (poeticshark) | 1731 comments Mod
*nod, nod*

message 28: by Mandy (new)

Mandy  Harmon (mandyharmon) Jordan, the Picture Magician (aka Probie) wrote: "BEST. SHOW. EVER."

PSYCH is better....but that guy is still cool.

message 29: by Jordan, The Picture Magician (aka Probie) (last edited Apr 18, 2011 04:14AM) (new)

Jordan, The Picture Magician (aka Probie) (thepicturemagicianakaprobie) Okay, my charrie died(figurtively), and i'm too lazy to make another one, so Max Cadwell never existed, 'kay?

Name: Max Cadwell
Gender: Male
Codename: Ricochet
attitude: generally easygoing, can be strict or even harsh at times.
Family: Sister
Agency: CIA
weapons: Sig Sauer P220 Comapct Gen2 (
Other:Youngest agent in the CIA, thinks himself the modern-day James Bond. Very skilled with explosives, especially hiding them and detonating them without leaving a trace. His brother was also in the CIA, but was killed by the Italian mob 2 years before Max joined.

message 30: by Ky, Hay gurl hay~ (new)

Ky (poeticshark) | 1731 comments Mod
Great. :D Love him.

message 31: by Ky, Hay gurl hay~ (new)

Ky (poeticshark) | 1731 comments Mod
Name: Caoimhe (Keeva) Findlay
Age: 17 (but doesn't ALWAYS seem it.)
Gender: female
Codename: Wraith (because sometimes she seems to be "barely there".)
Appearance: But, you know...not anime. It's just, he other pics didn't look like her. She's about 5'5".
Personality: intelligent....a lot of other things you'll notice.
Family: Becket is her cousin. The rest of her family is prett much dead. She grew up in the DUB main headquarters, spending her first years in the CIA, as she had been saved by one of their agents (when they found her parents --an agent of DUB [her mom] an an agent of the CIA [her dad]-- dead. With her there, hidden.
Agency: She's a double agent. CIA and DUB (Scottish Intelligence) (she has permission to be a double, but only the people at the VERY TOP know that.)
Weapons: anything she can get her hands on (literally), but she has a smaller version of the traditional scottish Claymore that she uses a lot.
Other: She's totally Scottish. Her accent is friggin awesome.

message 32: by Mandy (new)

Mandy  Harmon (mandyharmon) YES!

message 33: by Ky, Hay gurl hay~ (new)

Ky (poeticshark) | 1731 comments Mod
You like?

message 34: by Mandy (new)

Mandy  Harmon (mandyharmon) LOVE.

message 35: by Ky, Hay gurl hay~ (new)

Ky (poeticshark) | 1731 comments Mod
*grin* I AM SO HAPPY!

message 36: by Mandy (new)

Mandy  Harmon (mandyharmon) ME TOO.


message 37: by Ky, Hay gurl hay~ (new)

Ky (poeticshark) | 1731 comments Mod
I frakking love accents.

message 38: by Mandy (new)

Mandy  Harmon (mandyharmon) ME TOO.

message 39: by Ky, Hay gurl hay~ (new)

Ky (poeticshark) | 1731 comments Mod
*high five*

message 40: by Ky, Hay gurl hay~ (new)

Ky (poeticshark) | 1731 comments Mod
Name: Decklan Mackenzie
Age: 19
Gender: male
Codename: Scotty
Personality: Guess you'll just have to meet him! haha
Family: secret
Agency: The darkside of DUB (FINN)
Weapons: He's very handy. He can use lots of stuff. But he loves knives and poison best.
Crush/Relationship: meh
Other: watch out for Scotty! He's deadly and his accent is also legit.

message 41: by Mandy (new)

Mandy  Harmon (mandyharmon) VERY COOL!

message 42: by Ky, Hay gurl hay~ (new)

Ky (poeticshark) | 1731 comments Mod
Sanka. :D

message 43: by Mandy (new)

Mandy  Harmon (mandyharmon) You want to find a good guy picture and I make a charrie? =D I fail at finding pictures.

message 44: by Ky, Hay gurl hay~ (new)

Ky (poeticshark) | 1731 comments Mod
Sure. :D
(how old are you making him?)

message 45: by Mandy (new)

Mandy  Harmon (mandyharmon) Umm...I don't know. You pick. I'll just do the boring part. XD

message 46: by Ky, Hay gurl hay~ (new)

Ky (poeticshark) | 1731 comments Mod
olo okay.

message 47: by Mandy (new)

Mandy  Harmon (mandyharmon) =P

message 48: by Ky, Hay gurl hay~ (new)

Ky (poeticshark) | 1731 comments Mod
I will give you options and you can choose!

[image error]

(the only cute guy with red hair was anime. :P)

message 49: by Mandy (new)

Mandy  Harmon (mandyharmon) I actually saw the Logan Lerman one and I was considering him, but then I was thinking I'd use him for a book.


message 50: by Ky, Hay gurl hay~ (new)

Ky (poeticshark) | 1731 comments Mod
olo I was totally gonna steal that one.

That, my friend, is Aex Pettyfer. :P

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