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Lord of the Flies

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message 1: by Christian (new)

Christian Dale | 3 comments Lord of the Flies by William Golding This book also interested me, and I agree that it's definitely not something that I would call an "enjoyable" book, but more of the type of book that a language arts teacher would assign. It taught me about what people can become if left to their own devices for long enough, and according to this book, it isn't pretty.
The plot didn't actually get going until the little-uns started having nightmares, but if you ask me, i'd say that the nightmares only came from the under and over-ripe fruit that they were eating. If that was true, and the arguments and lost lives, as well as the loss of innocence was the result of churning tummies, then you have to ask yourself, how smart were they? But, then again, you could tell that the tension between Jack and Ralph was building anyways, and Jack was only looking for an excuse to usurp Ralph's authority. The "beast" was the perfect excuse. The ending certainly was not the best, and I would like to see what happens to Jack and Ralph a little bit after they leave the island, but, seeing as how the author's intent was to delve into the mysteries of human nature when it's left alone without any higher authority to govern it, it is about as long as it needs to be. This book is for language arts teachers to assign, and pleasure-readers to leave alone. I have no questions about this book (other than what happens to Jack?) as the book explains itself entirely at the end.

message 2: by Conner (new)

Conner | 2 comments Lord of the Flies
1.My overall impression of Lord of the Flies by William Golding was that it was an great book to read. I liked how it kept going and getting darker and disturbing.
2.A. I liked the plot of how the boys try to keep it together and keep things going, but it doesn't work out for long and then there is a power struggle between Ralph and Jack over control.
B. The message about how man has a dark side and if left alone with no rules that it will come out. There is also a message about what fear can do to a person's mind. If you were with a bunch of people you didn't know and scared in a place you didn't know wouldn't you be scared of a noise, a movement, your own shadow. An example of this is the beast that the children “see” everywhere.
C. I liked the style of how Golding wrote this book and like this genre altogether, but most books should be written like this in general.
D. I liked most of the characters, but I never really cared for the little'uns as they were just there to be scared of the “Best” and increase the fear of the others. I would have to say that my favorite character was Piggy because he was the one who remained the most sane and in the end his death led to the death of sanity and possible order on the island as he was the only thing keeping Ralph from losing control.
E. The ending surprised me when I read it because by the way it was going I was sure that Ralph would be caught and killed and no one would be left that was not a possible way for order to come back to the island.
3.I would recommend this book to people who are interested in the human mind and for teachers to assign there students because otherwise most kids wouldn't read this.
4.The questions I have on the book are: Did Ralph ever forgave Jack and the other boys for the death of Piggy?,and How well do the boys integrate back into society?

message 3: by Joseph (new)

Joseph Arms | 3 comments I thought that this book was a good book because of the views that it expressed. It gave a good overall picture of the nature of humans. It showed how some of them could be overcome by evil, such as Jack and how him and Ralph can develop followers. It also tells how some people can keep hope and try to keep civilized in a hostile environment (Ralph).
Throughout this book, I liked how the characters were developed. I thought it was interesting that the “littluns” were separated from the “biguns”. That kind of showed how young children are innocent and don’t have to deal with the trials in life.
I also liked the difference of all the characters. Ralph was the leader, however without real reason. Jack was a kid who was kind of a rebel and he had followers. Piggy was actually smart, even though no one ever listens to him. Sam and Eric were so close that they were called one name, Samneric. I thought that the differences in all the characters was very creative and interesting.
I would recommend this book to people who need something different and interesting to read. I have never read anything like this before, so it was a good experience. I do have some questions about the book though. Why and how did the boys get on the island? It didn’t make much sense, because they never really explained it. Also, was there really a beast? It seemed like there was, but then it never mentioned it again, so I was confused, but it was a good book.

message 4: by Cameron (new)

Cameron Bryant | 3 comments The overall impression of this book was that I did not enjoy reading it. I found it a struggle to read this book and almost impossible to finish reading the entire book. This book was not an interesting read for me because I thought it was really boring. I thought it was boring because it was about some kids trying to get off an island. I agree with Dan that the ending wasn’t good. I didn’t like the ending because the only thing that happened was that the kids got rescued. The book didn’t say what happened to the kids. I also agree with Dan that Ralph was working towards what he needed instead of working towards what he wanted. An example is when Ralph needed to make a fire over going hunting for some food. I would recommend this book to elementary students because it is kids their age doing things that most kids wouldn’t do. I liked that the character Ralph never gave up and always had hope. I also liked that Ralph thought positive and rational. I also liked how Ralph led the pack to do the smart thing. I liked Ralph because he was a good leader. I liked that Piggy was never mean to anybody and was loyal to Ralph. I liked that Jack stood up for what he believed in and did what he thought was best. The questions I would like answered is, Why were kids trying to kill each other in this book? What happened to the kids when they got rescued? Did Simon and Piggy have a funeral? Did somebody find the dead bodies?

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