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Which Book is This Group Currently Reading?

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message 1: by Mitch (new)

Mitch (wwwgoodreadscommitchrange) | 2 comments Hey, which book is the group currently reading and/or about to read?

message 2: by Graves (new)

Graves (gndearmond) | 2 comments Mod
Currently we're reading James Patterson, Witch and Wizard. See the - And, thanks for joining in! Spread the word.

message 3: by Mitch (new)

Mitch (wwwgoodreadscommitchrange) | 2 comments Thanks for the speedy reply, Neal. :)

Should I start this book, or wait until the next selection, so that I am current?

message 4: by Graves (new)

Graves (gndearmond) | 2 comments Mod
I am just starting this book myself. So go ahead. I'm in another "real time" book club and going to school full time, lol. This book club started as an assignment for school. I had to create a web site, and I decided to do one that I really wanted. It hasn't taken off tremendously, but still working on it. Pass the word around and get others interested and we'll see how fast we can go through these books. Thanks.

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