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♥Justine♥ | 674 comments Mod
((kittypets may form aliances if they want. also roleplay about your kittypet's life and about their twolegs.))

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Chelsey (-chelsey-) | 519 comments Amy, a she-cat, woke up. She could hear her owner Alissa calling her. She meowed and got up. Then she walked tiredly into the shiny room. It was shiny because there were all these big shiny things in it! And all the food seemed to come from it.
There was food in her pet dish.
"Yum!" she purred. "Thanks!"
Her owner petted her and walked on her two legs out of the house. Now Amy was all alone.
"I think i'll lay in the garden." she meowed. Amy padded out the flappy door and layed in the grass.

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Chelsey (-chelsey-) | 519 comments (if anyone wants to pass by me and talk, i'm good with that.)

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Chelsey (-chelsey-) | 519 comments "Hey! I'm Amy. Do you live around here?" Amy meowed.

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Chelsey (-chelsey-) | 519 comments (moved stuff to "Amy's Home" file)

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