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Rainbowgardener | 2 comments Amazingly self-absorbed narcissistic whiner, who fails to make any of his tails of abuse believable or engaging. Totally fails to learn anything from his experiences or convey anything for the reader to learn. Nothing in the books about why any of this happened and hardly anything about what it felt like to experience. Blunt, clunky writing.

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Nancy Vincent | 14 comments Thank you! I thought I was alone in the world.......

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Zachary | 5 comments hmm. I hear those complaints alot about his writing and while I agree somewhat, I come to a different conclusion.

"He fails to learn anything from his experiences or convey anything for the reader to learn" - I think it makes his first book pretty damn honest. Let's face it, stuff happens to us all the time and we fail to learn from it. To admit that and show it in print is refreshing to me. As to conveying something for us to learn, I think that's up to the reader.

I also agree that his style of writing can be blunt and a bit clunky. It's almost journalistic rather than literary but, again, I don't mind that. I actually think that fact makes his (I assume) ironic title A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius actually kind of funny. If he were actually attempting to write beautifully, this title would be embarrassingly arrogant no matter how ironic he claimed it to be.

Just to be clear I don't think he's one of our best writers and I've only read two of his books. AHWOSG and Zeitoun, where again, I thought his no-nonsense style of writing really worked.

I'd be interested to see how his style works in a purely fictional setting. I thought the screenplay to Away We Go was flawed but decent. Not so with Where Wild Things Are. That movie sucked in my mind but I'm not sure if any screenwriter could have pulled that off.

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