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Aven shoved her small feet into rubber boots that didn't fit. But how could she complain? Most of her siblings didn't have any shoes at all.
Aven plodded her way out of the family dwelling and grabbed a bucket by the front door. She trudged up the steep hill to the cow pasture, where she lithely jumped the 4 foot fence.
The mud in the field sucked at Aven's rubber boots, causing her movements to looking jerky and unbalanced...which they were.
Finally, she managed to get to a cow. Frowning profusely, Aven got on her knees with the bucket and reached for the cow's udders.
Apparently, this particular cow wasn't a fan of being milked.
Aven had been thrusted back into a mud puddle from the kick.
Laying there, winded, she looked up at the sky, swearing mentally.

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