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message 1: by Kim, group moderator (new)

Kim | 350 comments Mod
So yes I know I'm way behind here with posting threads, but I'm still getting through the book. I had a wedding to deal with!!

ANYWAY! I wanted to see what you guys think about Chuck's writing style. Personally I like it. It's a bit hard to get into at first because he literally writes like he speaks, but I guess I like that. When he goes off on tangents it's difficult to make your brain go back to the original thought, but he does have an awesome thought process.

How are you guys handling it?

message 2: by Tracey (new)

Tracey (tgoody3784) | 5 comments I LOVE Chuck's style. I think it makes his writing much more relatable and pulls you more into the story. He provides different types of details than most writers - the way he talks about his relationships, taking drugs, his feelings - make you feel like you're talking to someone you know, not reading the words of a random author.

The only problem I see with it is that it made the story lose focus for a majority of the book. I felt like the purpose of his trip was kind of lost within the scattered tangents along the way. I loved the Kurt Cobain piece at the end but I felt like that was one of very few parts that actually related back to the stated goal of the roadtrip. I can deal with it though, because I enjoy the side stories. You don't get what you were necessarily expecting but you love what you get ANYWAY.

message 3: by Kim, group moderator (new)

Kim | 350 comments Mod
I can see the downfall. I feel as though I've been reading more about his life than the topic of musician’s deaths. However I think that's kind of cool. He's finding things out about himself and is on a discovery of not only about musician’s deaths, but about himself as a person. I love how the stuff is all intertwining.

I find myself stopping reading every once and a while to try and take it all in. He makes all these super interesting points about stuff. I just loveeeeeeeeeeee it.

message 4: by Adam, The Baggage Handler (new)

Adam | 183 comments Mod
I like his style, because it reminds me of how i have conversations. I always have 100000 ideas in my head, and when something triggers a reminder of another topic, i take a detour in my conversation and then go back. its really interesting and i think it makes the book that more intriguing

message 5: by Kim, group moderator (new)

Kim | 350 comments Mod
I got lost a couple of times with the rambling, but I think that's a huge part of why I liked it so much. I think I would be able to appreciate the rambling more if I knew all the stuff about music that he does. The rambling would I think make much more sense.

message 6: by Adam, The Baggage Handler (new)

Adam | 183 comments Mod
I liked all of the facts that he gave about the music and I think I appreciated it more, knowing that I didn't know all the tidbits. I felt like it was the crazy professor who just knew so much about the topic, that it makes the class that more interesting. It made his writing and the journey, I think that more interesting with the facts added in.

message 7: by Adam, The Baggage Handler (new)

Adam | 183 comments Mod
I definitely got lost when he was talking about KISS, I was like I know one person from Kiss (Gene Simons) and that's only because my mom went to high school with him.

message 8: by Kim, group moderator (new)

Kim | 350 comments Mod
Gene was the only member I recognized too. The whole ending probably would have been a lot better for me if I understood all the references.

PS your mom went to school with him? THAT IS AWESOME.

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