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message 1: by Kristi (new)

Kristi (kristicoleman)'s out second week...I'm loving all the chat about the book! How is it going this week??

Trisha So far so good! I am flying through the chapters! I read in the morning over breakfast while my munchkin eats in her high chair. I have already finished the chapters for this week and I am eager to keep reading. I remember at least 2 of the characters from the mini-series that was aired ages ago, but I don't remember much else. It was a little spooky to see how quickly the virus was spreading, but I guess in reality that is pretty much what would happen. My husband is confidant that we would be survivors, but I am not so certain...I think that I feel a sneeze coming on....

Nathalie (natjen29) A bit of a slow start.. only one chapter read so far.. still five to go! But it's been hectic at work and I hate it when it comes between me and my reading time.

Teal (tealismyname) Compared to Dr. Zhivago this is such a breeze! I can't stop reading :D
Can't wait for it all to come together!

Loretta (lorettalucia) Got through chapter 10 last night, so only 2 more chapters for this week's assignment.

@ Teal: I agree, it really is a very fast read. I've actually been wondering if anyone else is finding this a quick enough read that we might want to adjust the schedule to reflect that? Otherwise, I imagine that I'm going to start reading ahead. ;-)

I think my favorite chapter of the bunch so far was the one that detailed the spread of the disease from that one cop who gave it to the "gregarious" salesman. Turns out his friendliness was a death sentence for a bunch of people.

I must admit I'm really anticipating once we get past this sort of introductory section, and into where the disease really affects the way of life (which has been hinted at, but not explicitly shown so far).

Nathalie (natjen29) @ Loretta: That was my favourite chapter too. It's a trait of King, which comes back in other novels. Not all, but when he can use it, he does.

I wouldn't mind a quicker pace. It's a fast moving train and not eager to slow down and open its doors at the designated stops. :)

Kathy (bookgoddess1969) I love the continuation of introducing us to new characters, while in the background someone innocently coughs or sneezes. Only we know how seriously things really are. And I agree that chapter detailing the spread is really creepy. How someone can innocently give someone directions, but in reality signs their death certificate. Scary!

Loretta (lorettalucia) Caught up through chapter 12 now. Yay for being on schedule!

I have to say that, of our 3 (or is it 4 with the introduction of Nick?) "main" characters so far, I'm enjoying Frannie's story the most, though I kind of want to slap her mother.

I find Larry a bit irritating, though I guess I'm kind of supposed to?

Nick seems pretty awesome, and we don't know Stu well enough yet to really form an opinion, though I think I'll like him too.

Nathalie (natjen29) Well.. I guess Frannie's mom will get her becoming soon!

It's difficult to read and not comment on most of the remarks of first timers, I don't want to give out spoilers. :)

message 10: by Victoria (new)

Victoria I like Larry's story the most at the moment. Can't believe I'm on schedule.

message 11: by Victoria (new)

Victoria Ooh does anyone elses edition have pictures? That was a surprise on p201. Can't put this down.

Nathalie (natjen29) Mine doesn't, but I own the graphic novel.. (well, the first volume) and pictures enough in there :)

Kathy (bookgoddess1969) I happen to like Larry's story. King has this great knack of telling someone's story, flaws and all, and they still can become endearing and human and relatable (sp?). I may be a bit biased, because since this is my 3rd reading, most of the main characters have a place in my heart.

Yassemin (yas666) I recall liking Larry too. Didn't find him irritating in the slightest.

Andrea Hi Stand Readers!

I hope everyone is having a great weekend. My main goal of this weekend is to get caught up to where we are supposed to be in the schedule. I think I am only a couple of chapters behind. I agree with everyone who has said that the book reads super fast!

I am very open to changing the schedule if the majority of readers are in agreement, it seems that the people actively reading and participating in the group are anxious to move along a little faster. It would be easy enough to change the schedule

Here are a few of my notes from chapters 7-12

I'm glad Stu seems to be okay so far, I don't blame him for being angry that he can't get any information. He seems like a smart man to me at this point in the book. The way he is negotiating for information is smart.

The chain of infection was so interesting and crazy to read! I am not sure but King may have wrote it so it read fast and in the mind of the reader the feeling of the infection rapidly spreading was greater because of being able to read this chapter so fast.

I continue to get a kick out of the 80's pop culture comments.

Was Larry just exposed?!?!

After reading the comments I think Loretta's wrap up of the chapters echoed a lot of the same thoughts I had. I also think that Kathy's comment about how King does a great job showing people's flaws was right on the money. I don't find Larry irritating, I think it is just King showing us his true human flaws, we all have them don't we!The more of this book I read the more shocked and ashamed I am that as an avid reader I've avoided King because I'm afraid of being spooked a little!

Nathalie (natjen29) Andrea.. you would be surprised how many people tend to avoid him for that particular reason.

He's being marketed as a horror fiction writer, but he does so much more.
And they are never gory. No matter what. Some books of his will make you uncomfortable, but not on a bloodshedding level.

I'm happy you've seen the light! :)

Kathy (bookgoddess1969) Yay, another convert! :)

Andrea Me too Nath! Not like I needed another author to

Kathy (bookgoddess1969) Andrea wrote: "Me too Nath! Not like I needed another author to"

And such a prolific one, too. Stephen King only has about 50 or so books to his credit. Happy reading! :)

Andrea Oh boy! I'm not sure if that is good or bad for me...hahah

Kathy (bookgoddess1969) More books for the TBR pile! lol

Andrea No no nooooooooooooo! I can't take it!

Kathy (bookgoddess1969) That's the only problem (if you can call it that) with this makes your TBR grow out of control! lol

Andrea Kathy, you're not joking. I could sit here all night and keep adding books.

Kathy (bookgoddess1969) I had a huge TBR list before I even joined here. Now forget about it! I always say that I have to win Lotto so I can read full-time. lol. :)

message 26: by Gwenyth (new) - added it

Gwenyth Love (everythinggwenny) Just finished reading this section and I have to agree with many of you...the chapter where it shows the spread of the virus is my favourite part so well written and so creepy! I really dislike Frannie's mother and really wanted to slap her myself...luckily Frannie's father did it for us. That woman has a screw or two loose.

Andrea I think King wants us to tinker with justifying her behavior given her difficult past. He even tries to show us that she was a "fun gal" at one point and enjoyed a beer with a ball game.

Kathy (bookgoddess1969) It would be easier to hate her if we didn't see even briefly in her life as a "fun gal". Losing her son obviously took alot out of her.

Andrea I agree Kathy, and if I could ask King I bet he would give me a sly smile. I'm going to keep saying this, but I never knew he was such a "crafted" writer. Each word is important even if it doesn't seem like it at a time. He is not only building a story, he wants you to feel, believe and think. I'm in awwwwww....

Kathy (bookgoddess1969) Well said, Andrea! I think one of his gifts is introducing you to the characters. You get to know them in such a way that they are real....flaws and all. Having read The Stand before, these characters are so much more than names on a page, they are old friends that I haven't seen in awhile.

message 31: by Andrea (last edited Sep 19, 2010 10:18AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Andrea Kathy, I think that is something that I miss out on since I don't read books more than once. I just feel that there are so many books to read that I'd rather keeping reading new ones. However, there is something to be said for coming back to old friends again.

Nathalie (natjen29) I get that Kathy, I've got so much I still want to read, but there are those few books that mesmerize me every time I read them again.
So I usually find time to reread a couple of novels each year, not too many, but it reminds me of how I felt then.

Like the Stand, I've read that the first time when I was 11-12 years old, the second time about 6 years ago and each time it means something different. That's what I love about rereading. Your mindset changes and you automatically value different things. I've grown from 'action, more action!!!' to 'I'll just read SK and nothing else, he's SOOOOO wonderful!!! :)' and this time 'I find myself really captivated by the prose and characters he introduced in my life.
End of promoting rereading, lol.

Hope all you guys had a good weekend. Went to disneyland Paris and my body completely and utterly broken down. I'll be crashing in the couch reading the hell out of The Stand, me thinks.

Andrea Nath, you are very right. Again, I think a lot of time I miss out on this because you don't always pick up a lot of the writing on the first read. Not the way I tend to read anyhow!

I hope you had fun! Rest up and get some reading done :)

Nathalie (natjen29) I did have fun. My third time there already and all with my husband. Disney has a special meaning to us! :)

I've read a whole chunk out of the Prince of Tides at the moment, that book has got me hookes almost as much as the Stand. I'll be catching up soon on this weeks assignment though, I don't want to fall behind and miss all this fun!! :)

Lyn (Readinghearts) (lsmeadows) Man - I am way behind. I finally finished the week two reading, and am halfway through week three, but I am way behind. We had a really hectic end of the summer, but now that school is back in things should calm down.

As for the book, I am really enjoying it, which is cool, because I was afraid to read Stephen King for the longest time. It is still too early for everything to come together, but I am enjoying learning all of the characters. Someone told me that all of the characters talked about in the beginning are not central to the story. Is that true??

If not, it doesn't matter, they are such great characters and their stories are so interesting.

I still jump every time someone sneezes or coughs, lol.

Andrea Lyn, I'm so glad that you are catching up and getting to join in the disussion. I'm right there with you that I've avoided Kind for so many years because I thought of him as the horror guy who wrote Misery. I'm so glad that this one over Gone With the Wind...lmao :)

Don't worry about keeping up with all the characters, I don't want to say more and risk spoiling anything for you.

I'm also paranoid of people (and myself) when I hear a sneeze or a

Nathalie (natjen29) You can imagine my terror!! I got a serious cold this week.. I've been sniffling for a few days and worried at the same time! Just my luck :)

Lyn (Readinghearts) (lsmeadows) Oh no! Will we ever hear from Nath again??? :)

Nathalie (natjen29) lmao
Seems I'm not part of that 0,1% of the population. Have fun, survivors! :)

message 40: by Amy (new) - added it

Amy (bibliocrates) I just finished Week 2. I forgot how awesome Frannie's dad was. I also forgot how much I disliked Larry at first, and that his mother called him out on his BS, go Larry's mom! Nick's introduction was brutal, wasn't it? Meanwhile people are coughing...

I might read Week 3 tonight if I can stay awake... been sick, stayed home today. No, I'm not coughing, thank goodness, but my head is very heavy and my body aches :o(

Loretta (lorettalucia) @ Amy: this is my first time reading this, so I continue to dislike Larry. I know everyone says he gets better, but I guess I'm not there yet.

Yes, Frannie's dad is pretty awesome, especially when compared with her mother (though the fact that he never stood up to her was certainly a failing...).

Feel better!

Andrea This is officially the "Frannie's Dad Fan Club!"

Lyn (Readinghearts) (lsmeadows) Loretta, I agree. I continue to dislike him also. I am awaiting when he will actually get better!

Alana (alanasbooks) | 456 comments Yeah, that chapter with Frannie's mother was like "what? What the hell is WRONG with you, crazy woman?" But I do like that we get an imagine of her as a younger, fun woman, and can imagine the devastation of losing her son. I'm glad Frannie's dad is supporting her, though.

I can't believe I never picked up an S. King before now... I was afraid of his scary stories, but this is fantastic! I have a hard time putting it down :)

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