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message 1: by Elizabeth, Firestar likes white chocolate macedania! (new)

Elizabeth | 19 comments Mod
Please use this format to post your characters:


message 2: by Alex (last edited Aug 31, 2010 08:14PM) (new)

Alex | 5 comments Name: Alexandra Renning
Age: 16
Looks: Fiery Red Hair, ice blue eyes, fair skinned
Personality: Intellegent, careful, instinctive, daring, brave
Other: Wicked with nets, skilled with a bow, favorite weapon a broadsword.

message 3: by Elizabeth, Firestar likes white chocolate macedania! (new)

Elizabeth | 19 comments Mod
Name: Griffin Starling
Age: 13
District: 2
Looks: Long, thick blonde hair, hypnotic green eyes, tanned skin.
Personality: Quiet, clever, quick with a sword, funny
Other: Weapons of choice are swords and bows.

message 4: by Lynx ~ 10/1 Never Forgotten (last edited Oct 03, 2010 07:54AM) (new)

Lynx ~ 10/1 Never Forgotten Here(boys names are on top, girls on bottom):
District One:

District Two:
District Three:

District Four:

District Five:

District Six:

District Seven:

Shivani (Shiva) Westen
District Eight:

District Nine:

District Ten:

District Eleven:

District Twelve:

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Name: Rene
Age: 16
District: 5
Personality: Mean, snotty

message 6: by Summer ☀️ (new)

Summer ☀️ (summerroxyursox) | 8 comments Name: Mia
Age: 14
District: 9
Personality: Quiet, sweet, nice, smart, quick, careful, brave
Other: Weapon of choice is a bow

message 7: by Sam (new)

Sam Name: Shivani (Shiva) Westen
Age: 15
District: 7
Personality: She has a fiery personality and is not afraid to speak her mind. She often says things without thinking, often getting her into serious trouble sometimes. Always been one to judge, she hates people who seem to think they're all that. Especially Careers. They make her skin crawl. Shiva never thinks before acting. Thinking is for the cowardly.
Other: Weapon of choice is an ax or a hatchet

message 8: by Sam (new)

Sam Name: Agro
Age: 17
District: 1
Personality: He is bloodthirsty, and ready to win the Hunger Games. He is arrogant, and thinks he superior to everyone in the Games. Agro has no room for feelings or softness. He is hard to the core, and a hard nut to crack. He has the will and determination to do whatever he wants.
Other: Prefers to use a sword.

message 9: by Linnae (new)

Linnae Name: Vhala
Age: 13
District: 12
Looks: Long, straght, coal black hair; Sky blue eyes; olive skin tone
Personality: Caring of others, wouldn't hurt a fly. Fast, and strong(emotionally and physically). Not afraid to show her emotions, but is also very good at concealing them. Is very determined to win. A great hider and climber. Will have absolutely nothing to do with Careers.
Other: Weapon preference- Knives or swords. Game strategy- only kill if necessary, outlast everyone by hiding or climbing trees.

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