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I still hate Rain.

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Mari From the time I read about the powerful fey king pushing a blond little Kisandee into the river for mouthing off to his fiance, i hated him a bit. Then we find out that he killed millions because his GF died. Supposedly he is sad for every one he killed, but he seems to want to kill more. Now Im not against a bit of anti hero. I loved Marv from Sin City, and he killed people who deserved it. thats the problem. In Rains opinion anyone who is annoyed by Rain or Ellie(which is everyone) deserves death. A good looking Hitler doesn't do it for me. Im just not into men who like genocide.

Charia I don't think anyone should be compared to Hitler fictional or not. First Rain did regret and was tormented with his guilt (as he should be) Hitler would not. I'm pretty sure Rain didn't push the girl into the lake, Kieran did however he did threaten her. Also Sariel wasn't his GF they were married/mated in the eyes of the Fey. I'd be beyond my senses if something to my husband. Should he still have scorched the world if he was in his right mind, no however he was not. Also as the Elves king said if he had not fulfilled his destiny Ellie would not have been able to fulfill hers or even been born. Was Rain perfect...not at all but he needed those experiences to learn and become worthy of Ellie and to become the true King. Hey but that's just my opinion.

P.J. Jones Amen, Charia!

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Dwight Mari,

The relationship that Rain and Elly have is much deeper than anything that we could ever imagine and it was an instant bond for him. imagine being in love with someone so much that you can feel everything they do and experience everything they feel. That is the driving force behind Rain and his being "overprotective" and so forth of Elly. As far as his regret for almost killing the entire world, well it did take him over 1,000 years to be able to build walls in his mind strong enough for him to even be able to leave the fading lands. There is a lot more to the stories than you have perceived. These are some of the best stories that I have read in a long time. So much symbolism and so many things happening that you almost have to read between the lines on every page.

Maria Pussycat I can honestly say is at the very top of my list, and so beautifully written!
Rain is complicated, but to me that's the beauty of it, he is not a one side character...he is made of regrets, love, despair, longing, and so many more feelings....I love this series!

Holly Maria Pussycat wrote: "I can honestly say is at the very top of my list, and so beautifully written!
Rain is complicated, but to me that's the beauty of it, he is not a one side character...he is made of regrets, love, d..."

I agree!

Lori Anyone who has read the Tairen Soul series would know and understand the driving forces that made Rain who he is. He is one of the most complicated and beautiful hero I have ever read.

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Mrsbooks If this wasn't about a magical race of Fey, I would probably (almost) agree with you. But I found the authors explanations and reasons believable. Rain was part Tarien Soul, part Fey. Which meant he had to constantly fight an inner aggression. An animalstic one.

I actually thought he did a pretty good job at that.

Even though at one time when he lost his sanity he ended up scorching the world I didn't find that he "wanted to kill more." I actually found the opposite. While he was very protective and wanted to shelter Ellie from everything possible he didn't want to "kill" people to do that. There were a few times where his aggression peeked but he kept it in check.

Can you recall a single time where Rain killed a human when he wasn't attacked by one outside of war?

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