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Ender's Game

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message 1: by Deerfieldn (new)

Deerfieldn | 3 comments Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card is an amazing Sci-Fi story of epic proportions. I loved this book, it completely sucked me into it's world of great characters, great dialogue, and great detail. I could not put this book down, ever page I read had me more and more excited for the next. The author did a fantastic job at making you feel that every single character was real and even though this book takes place in the future, it all still seems possible. If I had to choose something that I loved the most about this story, it would probably be the dialog, every sentence was thoughtful and had a purpose. I recommend this book to anyone, it was perfect in virtually every way, although the ending is strange, it is still a good one. This is by far the best Sci-Fi novel out there, in fact it's probably the greatest story I have ever read. The story has great twists and never gets stale, everything word is put in perfectly, I can't imagine anyone who enjoys Sci-Fi novels that wouldn't like this story. I am very excited to read the sequel and continue to find out more about the story of Ender Wiggin. One question that I have is what will happen to Battle School? Will it continue on even though the war is over? Will they be preparing for a war that has yet to be seen? To wrap things up, I'd like to say that I think everyone should read this book. It is my opinion the greatest Sci-Fi story ever written and one of the best novels of all time.

message 2: by Sammy (new)

Sammy Deboer | 1 comments I too believe this book is amazing! The book made me feel like I could be there with Ender in his struggles. It really shows how he grows and life in battle school and then on to command school gets harder.The characters in this book seem so real they have their own little things that happen if they are friends with Ender or not everyone knows Ender. The ending of the book seemed a little off, kind of as the author just stopped and he might have done that on purpose to get you to read the sequel. Personally I would recommend this book to anyone especially people who love sci-fi and the future. One thing I wondered was why they wanted to isolate Ender? I'm looking forward to reading the sequel and telling everyone to read this wonderful sci-fi novel.

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