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Queen Susan the Gentle (highqueensusanofcairparavel) Dani tuned her guitar then started to play "Girls just wanna have Fun" by Miley Cyrus.

Queen Susan the Gentle (highqueensusanofcairparavel) "Wooohooo..." Dani finished and got changed into her favorite outfit since she had just gotten out of the shower.

Queen Susan the Gentle (highqueensusanofcairparavel) (sure!)
"Sure, I'd love to!" said Dani. She pulled on her sneakers and ran outside to wait for Sam.

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Izobel sat at the piano playing a piece she had been working on for a while. Zakk stomped up the stiars to stand behind her watching her play.

"You missed a sharp," he said from behind her.

"Shut up!" Izobel snapped not looking back at him. Rolling his eyes Zakk went ot the kitchen to get soem food.

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((yeah thats fine))

Queen Susan the Gentle (highqueensusanofcairparavel) "I'd bet Izobel would love that!" said Dani hopping in. "Let's invite her!"

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