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Charmed Wolf vampire hunter | 235 comments Mod
so here we write what happened last so that everyone is pretty up to date... don't make me the only one who writes in this u guys can do it to

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Lyric Mermaidan (ambrosiadaughterofzeus) | 304 comments Mod
Ok so for most of the begining it's just the charaters mingling. But now we've gotten to what ,if this was a book, we's call, the main plot.

Emily got kidnapped Ghost freaked and then Blaze freaked. Mean while Max comes into the story and Riku and the others have a fight and get hurt with the men chasing her. And emily was giving important information information by an undercover vampire and was set free to tell mr tall. But on her way thier she was attacked and she killed the man. She has an emotional breakdown. Ghost gets shot and then gose to find emily. they have a emotional reunion and they head back. SHe tells mr tall that


She was the first and she was going to be sent to kill Ghost and the others at cirque du freak.

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Lyric Mermaidan (ambrosiadaughterofzeus) | 304 comments Mod
DO you want her to meet Emily

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Evil freak Ranger | 75 comments Mod
just in the forest

Blood hidden by ink | 69 comments Max wrote: "Sure! Wherever everyone IS."

We're in a huge forest next to our campsite so you can come join us there

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