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The original idea of the Project Gutenberg Project (or PGP for short) stems from Dria, aka Deb Richardson. All credit is due to her, criticism on how this group shapes up to me (and future moderators, if any).

She wrote a post on her website back in November, 2009, detailing the Project Gutenberg Project, the challenge and the motivation behind it. I asked her if she was OK with the idea of trying to spread the PGP on Goodreads too, and she agreed to it. :)

I lifted her text almost verbatim for the description of this group, with very minor adjustments to better fit it into Goodreads. Once again, all credit is due to her!

Thank you Deb for the fun challenge, and now: on to the books!

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Scott Shjefte (sesame) | 2 comments I am surprised more Goodread participants are not using and discussing all the marvelous reads available for no cost from Project Gutenberg.

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