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New here?? Introduce yourself!!!!

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Yessenia Chavez | 1 comments Hi i am new here my name is Yessenia by everyone calls me Yessy! && i love Vampires!

Everley Sharp, the Clankinist (theawesomeestreaderpersonevah) Hi, my real name is Laura Waters, but as you can tell, my screen name is ancient greek, so just call me Avo. I love to read and write, and i love vampires. except dracula. he's a creep.

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Dani Julian (daniquickdraw) | 2 comments Angelgirl, thanks for the invite!

Truthfully, I'm not a vampire freak. At all. I'm more of an angel and demon freak. But I did recently release a new novel with Solstice Publishing involving a vampire hunt...vamp guts blown all over the place. Splatter, splut, splut.

I will duck the brick flinging now.

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Jasmin baker (jazzyboo) | 89 comments Mod
Hey everyone, my name is Jasmin but u can call me Jasmin (lol). I do like vampires but i don't love them,because in some novels i read the vampires are the blood lusting monster. So my like of vampires differs, depending on the vampire books i read.


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Jasmin baker (jazzyboo) | 89 comments Mod
hello i am new

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Jasmin baker (jazzyboo) | 89 comments Mod
lol jk

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