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((Lets start!))

message 2: by Andy (new)

Andy Melissa woke up to the sounds of birds flying past the old windowless window frames. she sat up and rubbed her head... it hurt... her dream had confused her a lot. It was all about the future and the past being in one time with the present... so she did her best to ignore the pain and started to walk around the tree house, waking up her legs, then she immediately set out to find some breakfast in the woods.

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Lily and Damien were walking around the small town they had just moved to the day before. "I don't like it here, It's too small!" Lily complained, looking at damien annoyed. "Oh well, get used to it." He said.

message 4: by Sam (new)

Sam Runa walked out to the barn where they kept the horses. She started to feed them. First she started with Thunder, a big black horse. Then she fed Sunny, a beautiful brown bay; Runa went over to Lucky, a former racehorse. He was a handsome silver horse. Finally she fed Ace, a nice paint. Then Runa went to Thunder and went down the line, grooming them all.

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sydney Shelbie walked around town. Her mind racing about everything that she saw. Closing looking at everything, Shelbie noticed the little things that people would generally overlook.
She kept walking, not really watching where she was going and she ran into Lily. "Oh! I'm so sorry." Shelbie said shyly.

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Andy Melissa was struggling to find food, and so far she had found but a small basket full of slightly bruised apples.
She walked through the woods until she came onto a strange cobblestone road. She smiled slightly as she began to skip down the mysterious path.

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Lily fell back. "Ouch! Hey, watch where you're going!" She said, frowning and rubbing her but. Damien nudged her. 'Be nice!" He hissed. He smiled at Shelbie. "Sorry, she's a bit rude. We're new around here. I'm Damien, she's lily."

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Andy Rebecca ran outside the mansion. She only ever slept inside, and any other contact with anything inside, she avoided. She found it quite spooky.
She wandered around the cobblestone laneway, and found a small bunny, which then made a sort of hissing noise, and bounced away.
"Fine then..."

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sydney "Shelbie. I'm new here too." Her cheeks were bright red. She held out her hand to Lily. "I really am sorry."

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Lily rolled her eyes and ignored her hand. "Yeah whatever." Damien sighed. 'You need to learn some manners..." Damien said to lily.

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sydney Shelbie sighed. She wasn't good at talking to people and her father insisted that she get out and meet people in town.
"Well, I wonder if either of you have seen the mansion at the top of the hill. The lady at the fruit stand said it was... haunted."

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Lily immediately snapped to attention. "Haunted? Sweet! you two have fun I'ma go look at it!" She said, ditching them and sprinting up the hill.

Damien sighed and rubbed the back of his neck. "That's my sister for ya." He mumbled.

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sydney "She seems...nice." Shelbie smiled gently at Damien. "Very outgoing. If you don't mind me asking, but are you twins?"

message 14: by Sam (new)

Sam Runa finished up with the horses and went out front to fill the bowl for the cats. "Sylvester! Phoebe! Tiger! Spock! Princess!" she called. "Breakfast!" She filled up the cat's bowls with food and water.

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"Yes but she dies her hair lighter because she 'Can't even share the same hair color as me!'" He imitated her, then sighed. 'But you'll bet used to it."

message 16: by Sam (new)

Sam Runa sighed, then turned. She saw a black cat coming toward her. Its calm green eyes looked at her. "Hey Spock! Where's your friends?" All she got was a meow in reply.

message 17: by Andy (new)

Andy ((where is Runa? At a mansion? which mansion?))

message 18: by Sam (new)

Sam ((The one that's supposedly haunted.))

message 19: by Andy (new)

Andy ((the one my characters have inhabited?))

message 20: by Sam (new)

Sam ((Yes. That's the one that the story is centered around.))

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sydney Shelbie laughed a little bit. "I like your color, it's cute." She blushed a bit. "Sorry."

Ben walked up to the mansion. He looked at the front door and then walked around the mansion looking for a better entrance. He noticed a girl and ducked behind a tree.

message 22: by Sam (new)

Sam Spock padded toward her, then swerved around her to get to the food. Runa sighed, "Of course." Then she turned back toward the forest. "Princess! Tiger! Sylvester! Phoebe!" she called again.

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Lily jumped the gated blocking her way to the front door. 'Huh... This'll be fun." She grinned, backing up and taking it all in.

Damien smiled. 'It's fine. And thank you." He chuckled.

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Sam Runa was beginning to get impatient. "You kitties better get over here before Spock eats all the food! 'Cause I'm not giving you more!"

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Andy rebecca smiled as a few cats bound in front of her and towards the caretaker. Rebecca walked over to her and smiled. "Feeding the strays?" she asked.

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sydney Ben walked near to get a closer look at Lily.

Shelbie still blushed. "You-You're welcome.."

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Lily heard someone behind her and turned on the balls of her feet. "Hello?" She called out, looking around and glaring.

Damien sighed. 'Want to go catch up with Lily or look around town?"

message 28: by Sam (new)

Sam "Strays? No, that's Spock eating and then there's Princess, Phoebe, Tiger, and Sylvester. The mistress' cats." Runa replied. "Though I suppose one or two might be strays..."

message 29: by sydney (new)

sydney Ben stepped out, knowing he'd been caught. "Hey."

"We could walk around town if you like. At least we could find things..." Shelbie suggested.

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Lily raised an eyebrow. 'Who're you??"

"Alright, come on." Damien started forward.

message 31: by Andy (new)

Andy 'Well that's very nice of you!' rebecca smiled, then leant down to pet one of the cats at her feet. 'They are so friendly.'

message 32: by Andy (new)

Andy Melissa turned a corner on the cobblestone street and saw the most beautiful house ever. It was white and navy blue, and had golden trim here and there... and it was huge. as big as a ship! or bigger.
then she spotted one of the larger windows on the upper floor had someone standing in it... a ghost... a haunted mansion. Melissa turned back quickly and hid behind a tree

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sydney Ben looked at Lily. "Ben. Who are you?"

Shelbie caught up with Damien. "Um, so how old are you?"

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"I'm 15." He said.

Lily shrugged. 'I dunno. Who am I?" She said, glaring at this boy. Sure he was cute, but she'd have a little fun before admitting that to anyone.

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sydney "Me too." Shelbie gave a small smile.

Ben raised an eyebrow to this. She's cute... Ben watched her movements, highly interested.
"Well, if you don't mind me, I've got some business to take care of in the Ebonshire Manor."

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So that's what this place is called.... "Oh you do?? Mind if I tag along?" She looked at him, intrigued.

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"That's good." Damien grinned.

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sydney "You seem clever enough." Ben nodded. "Sure, you can."

Shelbie concealed her happiness well. There was something about Damien that she just felt that she could relate too.

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"What ARE you doing, anyways?" She asked.

"So how long have you been here??"

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sydney "To see if I can solve the mystery of Elizabeth Blake's murder." Ben said seriously.

"We just moved in yesterday." Shelbie remember everything she had to unpack. "What about you?"

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'Same.." He said, looking back at her. 'Weird, huh."

"Murder of who??" She frowned. She really needed to read some history on this place- it seemed interesting.

message 42: by sydney (new)

sydney "That is a bit odd." Shelbie agreed.

"Elizabeth Blake. She was a girl who lived in this town years ago. Gunshot to the heart at the manor here." Ben sighed. "They say her spirit still haunts the manor."

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"Why did you meet here??"

"Interesting.." She said, nodding. 'Lets go then!" She started toward the side of the house. There was a broken window. 'Lets go in through here."

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sydney "My father decided that we needed a change of scenery." Shelbie explained.

Ben opened the window and turned to Lily. "Need a boost?"

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"Not from you." She said, looking at him like he was crazy. She climbed through the window.

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"Mine got a job here. Dunno what it was.."

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sydney Ben shrugged his shoulders and then climbed in after her.

Shelbie looked at Damien. "Hmm," She spotted an ice cream shop down the street. "Wanna get some ice cream? I'm buying."

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"Sure. Thanks." He said.

Lily looked around and shivered. "This is so creepy. It's freaking awesome.." She murmured, smiling and quietly starting forward.

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sydney Shelbie wrapped arms around herself. The crisp fall air nipped at her skin.

Ben followed Lily closely. "So can I learn your name?"

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"Eh, maybe in a bit if i think i might die and your the only one who can get away.. but if not then im not planning on it." She looked back and chuckled.

"Actually, It's kinda cold.. Do you want to go get hot chocolate or something??"

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