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*start after charries*

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Peter sat on the grass, doing homework.

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Charlie yawned as she walked back from the field in her badminton uniform. "Hey,"

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Peter looked up, "Hi. I see you play badminton, i'm a rugby player."

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"I play onthe girls football and regby team too, you know." CHarlie said warningly.

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"Cool, wanna sit down?" Peter asked her.

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"Sure," Charlie said, accepting the invitation. Charlie sat down beside him. "What homework are you doing?"

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Tally walk passes them both.

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"Math," Peter said scribbiling down an anwser.

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"Math is my favorite subject and I always get As." Tally said to herself.

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"Cool. Due today?" Charlie guessed.

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"I can help with your math. I'm in honors here." Tally told them both.

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"Ya.. about to fail this class." Peter finished as he spoke.

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"Umm, nevermind then." Tally said while turning around to walk away.

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"ok..." Peter called after her.

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"Come on then." Charlie said, getting up and picking up Peter's books. "We're going to the library."

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"Yay!" Tally turned towards them. "Whatcha need help with?"

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"Um ok?" peter walked after them.

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"Just a question but is that all your gonna say to me?"

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Charlie laughed. "We're not gonna have you fail math."

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"I agree" Tally said.
(G2G sorry RP 2morrow)

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(9aww, kay, see ya!!!))

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((*tear* goodbye!))

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Charlie opened a book on math. "Read this part." she instructed, showing him a little paragraph. "What are good at?"

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Peter read in silents.

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"Peter, what are you good at?"

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"Sports." He sighed as he looked up, "You?"

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"What sport?" Charlie asked, ignoring the question.

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"Rugbe...." Peter anwsered.

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"Then pretend your math is a game of rugby."

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"Then pretend your math is a game of rugby."

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"how do i do that?" Peter asked her curiously.

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"Think of ways to get through the math question. Cath the ball by understanding how. And score a touchdown when you get the asnwer!" Charlie said simply.

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"i get it thanks." Peter said to charlie


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"No problem."

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Peter finsihed hsi work and looked at Charlie. "Wanna go to dinner tonigh?" He asked her.

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"Um..." Charlie didnt know what to say. SHe didnt have anything against Peter, so she decied, "Sure, why not?" CHarlie sad smiling.

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peter smiled back." Ok Ill pick you up at 8.. Sorry but i have to go to class now. See you thne." Peter said as he walked out of the room.

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Charlie smiled. "kay." she got up and wen to her own classes.

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((sorry gtg))

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((awww... :( kay...))

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.........7 o'clock..........

Peter went to his apartment and he got on a pair of nice jeans. He grabbed a button up shirt and undid a couple of the top buttons. He combed his hair back and put on some colone.

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Charlie put on a simple tank-top with some short jean shorts. She brushed her hair and laced her black greek sandals.

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Tally sat by them and helped out

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((lol ))

Peter made his way to Charlies room.

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Charlie excesorised herself with a black handbay,were she put her cell and black obsedian earings. She sat down on her bed, waiting for Peter.

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Peter looked at a peice of paper he had written the address on. He muttered the nummers 3629... After checking the number on the door, he built up the confidence and knocked.

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Charlie got up and smoother her shirt. She opened it, not surprised that Peter had come a bit early. "Hi Peter."

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