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Brigid ✩ | 900 comments Mod
Description: Mia Wise and Emily Lawrence were once best friends. Then one shocking event tore the two girls apart, Mia moved away, and they haven't spoken ever since. Two years later, Mia is seventeen years old, and she's returning home to visit Emily for the first time. As she journeys back, and explores the town that she left behind, Mia plans out everything she's going to say to Emily – and as she does so, her most painful memories begin to emerge. Little by little, she reveals that what appeared to be an innocent friendship on the surface was dark and complicated underneath, full of jealousies and secrets that ultimately drove the two teenage girls to the breaking point. Mia's narration becomes a complex mystery, as she tells the story of how strong a friendship can become … and how quickly it can unravel.


Questions? Comments?

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Sella Malin | 173 comments THIS. IS. YOUR. BEST. BOOK. YOU. HAVE. EVER. WRITTEN.

And I is helping you with it, yes? :)

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Brigid ✩ | 900 comments Mod
Why thank yuh.

Mhhmmm. Yes you are. :D

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