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Brigid ✩ | 900 comments Mod
Description: The great cities of Moenia and Eversio are at war. Their weapons: giant machines called Veloxi.

Ivan has spent the last two years in prison. Avery is trapped in a concentration camp and haunted by memories of her parents' murder. Claire comes from a privileged family and shares her father's passion for building machines. Sawyer is a king's son, anxious to escape the constraints of his boring, sheltered life.

The four teenagers couldn't be more different, but now one thing will bring them together. They are about to become Amicus Warriors, the ones who drive the Veloxi into battle.


Questions? Comments?

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Sella Malin | 173 comments THIS STORY IS EPIC.

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Brigid ✩ | 900 comments Mod
Why thank you.

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