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September 9, Larissa Lai

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message 1: by Sara (new)

Sara | 15 comments The September book we picked back in December is "Salt Fish Girl" by Larissa Lai. Unfortunately, it's really hard to find: it's out of print, Chicago Public Library has no copies (the closest library with copies is UIUC downstate), and copies online are not cheap.

In the interest of discussing a book that perhaps some of us will be able to find an executive decision was made by those of us at last month's discussion - we switched the book to Lai's other novel which IS in print (although CPL doesn't have copies of this one either), "When Fox is a Thousand."

I found a copy at Myopic that night...if you want to borrow it, let me know!

message 2: by Wealhtheow (new)

Wealhtheow | 36 comments Thanks for the update! Sadly, I have class on Thursday nights again, so I'm going to have to miss the next few months' discussions. But hopefully some of y'all will update on goodreads or lj, and I can see your thoughts.

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