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message 1: by Sean (new)

Sean (reckless_kelly) | 35 comments Perhaps I'm a bit early, but I'm starting to think about writing for National Novel Writing Month in November.
Whilst pondering it, I thought to myself, "What about those book club folks? They seem like intellectual types! Perhaps they'd care to join in the fun!"

So indeed! Here I am, telling you about it.


Basically you just sign up and write a 50k-word novel in 30 days, from scratch. It's an exercise in writing without constantly editing yourself.
And it's going to be mad.

MAD. 0_0

message 2: by Dian, Crazy Nooooob Mod! :D (new)

Dian | 440 comments Mod
I suck at self editing its where I fail as s writer. But this might be interesting

message 3: by Jamie (JK), Houdini Mod (new)

Jamie (JK) (eimajtl) | 703 comments Mod
I'm not really good in the creative arts... I'll pass.

message 4: by Dian, Crazy Nooooob Mod! :D (new)

Dian | 440 comments Mod
Okay I just checked out the link, and that just looks like some awesome fun. Maybe it will make me finally start writing the story that's been rattling around in my head for the last few years

message 5: by Sean (new)

Sean (reckless_kelly) | 35 comments Exactly, Dian! =D
I brutally edit everything I write, so I think this'll be good for me.
I've known about it since last year, and this'll be my first year participating. I'm excited.

message 6: by Sean (new)

Sean (reckless_kelly) | 35 comments And JK, this is your chance to start. NaNoWriMo isn't about being GOOD. (Thank goodness.)

message 7: by Dian, Crazy Nooooob Mod! :D (new)

Dian | 440 comments Mod
Yeah I think I will join. It will make me write, and then if its any sort if decent I can always make it better later.

message 8: by Mary (new)

Mary (med401) | 234 comments I've been told I can write but I never believe it. (by instructors even) I'll think about it. Maybe I'll get a wild hair. The fact that I can write crap makes me feel I can make the cut.

message 9: by Glodson, MIA Mod (new)

Glodson | 235 comments Mod
That sounds interesting. It would be fun to do, but I don't have the time right now. It is the busy months for me.

Ah, school.

message 10: by Dian, Crazy Nooooob Mod! :D (last edited Aug 30, 2010 12:43PM) (new)

Dian | 440 comments Mod
Yeah I'm with you Mary. I've always been told I was good writing stories in high school and college but nothing other than that. But my grammar as well as structure has always been lacking, this way I can write my story without worrying bout that stuff. Then if its any good I can go back and fix that stuff without getting Hung up on it while writing.

message 11: by Sean (new)

Sean (reckless_kelly) | 35 comments Glodson, no worries. I didn't expect that you or lildreamelf would participate. Having a child and all; it'd make it quite difficult to generate that kind of literary output.

Dian and Mary, let's do this. ~dynamic action pose~

message 12: by Glodson, MIA Mod (new)

Glodson | 235 comments Mod
This would be something that I would love to do when I have a bit more down time, like between semesters.

I always mean to write more often than I do, which is rarely.

message 13: by Apollo (new)

Apollo Frimel | 63 comments I was like cool! then I saw 50k and now I'm just like yeah no. When I write and have a word restriction I tend to start rambling to make it work then it's more terrible then before.

message 14: by Dian, Crazy Nooooob Mod! :D (new)

Dian | 440 comments Mod
But thats the good part. It doesn't matter if you ramble help it seems Luke they expect you too. If I make it too 50k I know my story us going to go on random tangents. That's the fun, just too see if you can make if to 50k in just 30 days

message 15: by Dian, Crazy Nooooob Mod! :D (new)

Dian | 440 comments Mod
Ok my phone predictive text made a mess of that post. I srsly need to pay more attention

message 16: by Alexander (new)

Alexander (alexanderon) I'd do this, but I'm having difficulty finding the time just to finish my prose entry for the next ASMB Writing Comp. In fact, I fear it won't even be done by the deadline, and that's only a few thousand words.

message 17: by Jingai (new)

Jingai | 56 comments I'd be tempted to attempt this, but I'm having trouble
finishing my entry for the ASMB contest, and I wasn't
planning on more than twenty or so paragraphs for that.

Sadly, I think 50k in thirty days surpasses my might.

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