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secretly bayern | 8 comments (if there was a new book who would you want it to follow) i would say finn but it might be a little more exciting to learn more about geric

message 2: by Emily (new)

Emily Eastman | 4 comments Isi's son when he's older.

secretly bayern | 8 comments that would be really kool i was really suprised when she had a boy rather than a girl because i thought the baby would be named after enna

message 4: by Redwallcrazy (new)

Redwallcrazy (redwallcrazybigkotfan) | 30 comments I want another one about Razo. I like his point of veiw.

message 5: by Jessie (new)

Jessie | 187 comments I think doing Isi's son be amazing.

message 6: by Rebekah Faith (new)

Rebekah Faith (musicalradiance) | 346 comments Mod
i think one like the RP we have in my group 'Bayern' would be sweet. the main charries are everyone's children.

message 7: by Redwallcrazy (new)

Redwallcrazy (redwallcrazybigkotfan) | 30 comments Isi's son would be cool.

message 8: by Jessie (new)

Jessie | 187 comments Finn would be cool he is so quiet it would be nice to know what goes on in his head.

message 9: by Redwallcrazy (new)

Redwallcrazy (redwallcrazybigkotfan) | 30 comments True... idk

message 10: by Ingrid (new)

Ingrid I don't know if there is much for her to do with the present characters. I would love her to write a series with the next generation though! Make Enna and Finn have children, and Razo and Dasha too.

message 11: by Samara (new)

Samara | 11 comments I would LOVE a book about Finn or Geric but I think one about the kids would just be too much. although you never know until you read them.

message 12: by Clarissa (new)

Clarissa (lemai123) | 19 comments I love all your ideas! She should make one for each of their point of views, but I would like Finn or Geric's point of view a lot. Has anyone read the new book for Princess Academy Palace of Stone?

message 13: by johanna (new)

johanna (johannad_m) Yush, one about Tusken would be epic. I wouldn't mind as long as all the old characters were still in it <3.

message 14: by Cadence (new)

Cadence (thefantasy1) Another one about Rin would be amazing, I think.

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