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(( YAY! you got it going!!! but who am i going to be in stormpack now?))

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((I dunno.))

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Honeysugar yawned and stretched. She got up, went to the middle of the clearing, and started to groom herself.

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Duskshimmer padded out of the warriors den and looked around

Redclaw padded into camp with a vole in his jaws.

Dawnflower glanced at Redclaw. She stared for a moment and then she walked out of camp.

Redclaw sat down with his kill and took a bite.

Duskshimmer padded over and sat down next to him "Morning!" she said batting her eyes

"Hey" he said swallowing his bite.

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Honeysugar fetched a rabbit from the fresh kill pile and joined Redclaw. "May I sit here?" she said and sat down without waiting for an answer.

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Duskshimmer looked up "oh hello Honeysugar!" she said with a smile.

Dawnflower came back into camp and look over at Redclaw and the 2 girls. She sighed and walked into the warriors den head down.

Redclaw looked at the two "Hello to both of you" He noticed Dawnflower walking into the warriors den but he didnt move.

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Rainheart (rainstarnc) Flameheart followed Dawnflower into the den but stayed silent.

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dawnflower sighed and lay down in her nest.

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Rainheart (rainstarnc) ((kk))

Flameheart hestiated. "Dawnflower, are you alright?"

Graystripe16(Back...again) | 111 comments Mod
"huh? Oh yes i am okay" she said.

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Honeysugar smiled at Redclaw, then said, "Would you like to go hunting with me later?"

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Rainheart (rainstarnc) "you seem kind of down" Flameheart hedged.

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'Nah...I am okay" Dawnflower said.

Redclaw looked at Honeysugar 'Actually...I already went hunting today.."

"but....we would both love to go!" Duskshimmer said winking at him

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Rainheart (rainstarnc) Flameheart hesitated again. "alright" he sighed.

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Dawnflower looked at Flameheart "Thanks for ur concern though.."

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"Oh, come on. Everyone needs food to look their best!" Honeysugar got up and prodded Redclaw with a pampered paw.

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Rainheart (rainstarnc) Flameheart nodded, hesitated, then left.

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Redclaw stood "Alright...."

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"Yay! I got my way again like I'm supposed to!" Honeysugar bounded to the front of the camp, the camp entrance. "Let's go!"

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Duskshimmer stood and followed the two out of camp

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Honeysugar talked the whole way out of camp, scaring away all the prey.

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Redclaw looked at Honneysugar and scented the ait trying to find something before it was scared away.

Duskshimmer was growing annoyed

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"Oh, and don't you think my brother is acting weird? He's always..." She continued and a few birds flew away just as a mouse ran away that Duskshimmer was stalking((hope you don't mind graystripe))

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Rainheart (rainstarnc) Flameheart lay down in the sunlight with a small sigh.

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((no dont mind..))

Duskshimmer growled "SHUT UP!"

Redclaw stared at her

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Honeysugar stared at Duskshimmer too. "I don't think you're very nice, miss grouch," Honeysugar said smugly.

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Duskshimmer hufffed "I'm not grouchy ur just annoying!"

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"Oh, I'll be the victim if you want, Duskshimmer!" Honeysugar was being the most annoying she possibly could.

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Duskshimmer groaned and rolled her eyes. She turned and walked into the bushes.

Redclaw sighed and lept onto a mouse

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"Oh, that was one of the best catches ever!" Honeysugar batted her lashes at Redclaw.

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Redclaw nodded witha a fake smile and stalked off to find more prey

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Honeysugar pouted.

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Duskshimmer growled to herself

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Honeysugar turned around with a whirl of her tail and a, "Hmmph!" and walked away into the forest.

Graystripe16(Back...again) | 111 comments Mod
Redclaw returned to the spot where Honeysugar and Duskshimmer last were. He had his kill in his jaws.

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Honeysugar noticed snarlingstar's bad mood. Her mood immediately changed. "Snarlingstar!" Honeysugar called. "I kept Redclaw out. It's my fault he's late!"

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Rainheart (rainstarnc) Flamehearts ears flicked over and he looked at Honeysugar with surprise. it was unlike her to take the blame like that.

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"Er..I-I mean," Honeysugar knew her brother had noticed her change. "We were out hunting and...he caught some really good prey,....and I think that you are a really great leader and don't have to listen to what I say..." Honeysugar finished really quickly and averted her gaze from Snarlingstar's face.

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Rainheart (rainstarnc) Flamehearts eyes widened slightly, then they narrowed. what was with her change of tactic?

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"I'll go now." Honeysugar quickly padded away from Snarlingstar, blushing. ((as much as a wolf can blush))

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Rainheart (rainstarnc) Flameheart follow her with his eyes.

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Honeysugar made her way towards her brother. "If you keep staring at me, the others will know something is up. So stop."

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Rainheart (rainstarnc) Flameheart winked at her, tail wagging slightly. "thats the Honeysugar i know" he said approvingly.

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"Hmmmph. Don't pretend like our pack mates like this Honeysugar." Honeysugar growled.

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Rainheart (rainstarnc) "some do" Flameheart said mysteriously before trotting away.

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"Huh?" Honeysugar was really confused. "Boys," she muttered as she walked away.

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Rainheart (rainstarnc) Flameheart padded over to a spot of sun and flopped down.

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Honeysugar went into the warrior's den to take a nap.

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Rainheart (rainstarnc) ((We should wait for the rest here...))

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