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(( Can Dark heart from Stormpack switch to Streampack? ))

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((Yeah,If you want.))

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(( ok thx))

Darkheart prowled through the forest, moody as ever.

(( p.s. I LOOOOVE COOKIES!! :D))

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(me too. i am eating sugar cookies as we speak.nom.))

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(( oh I wish I was eating a cookie))

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((>:D lucky me.I have 2 go. be back in a sec...))

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((ok =) i'm going to go get some cookies ))

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((I is back.))

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(( I got some chocolate cookies XD but they're gone now...))

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Rainheart (rainstarnc) Flowerstep jumped and grabbed the bird just as it flitted overhead.

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Darkheart leaped at a rabbit and killed it with a swift blow to the neck.

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Rainheart (rainstarnc) Flowerstep landed gracefully, golden fur gleaming in the sunlight.

((whats the terrain like here? forest? grasses? desert? theres a stream somewhere, of course...))

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(( mountains? that would be cool))

"Nice catch," Darkheart growled.

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Rainheart (rainstarnc) ((oh yea!))

Flowerstep turned to Darkheart and set down her pray. "thanks! yours is bigger."

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"Yup," Darkheart would say no more. She was in a bad mood.

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Rainheart (rainstarnc) Flowersteps tail stopped wagging, sensing her Packmates bad mood. "Whats wrong?"

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"Nothing," sighed Darkheart, then gave up. "Nobody likes me."

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Rainheart (rainstarnc) "why do you say that!" Flowerstep exclaimed.

((sorry! i went to get something to eat for lunch...))

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(( LUNCH?? where do you live??? it's 7:15 P.M. here!!!!))

"Because I'm always mean and rude and, for some reason, that makes people not like me," Darkheart said sarcastically.

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Rainheart (rainstarnc) ((lmao i meant dinner. stupid typo))

Flowerstep paused. "i dont not like you, but your not my best friend" she said truthfully.

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"I know. No one's my besty."

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Rainheart (rainstarnc) Flowerstep tilted her head. "maybe if you were nicer" she trailed off.

Graystripe16(Back...again) | 111 comments Mod
Nikkisar walked out of her den and jumped onto the high rock. He eyes scanned over her pack.

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Darkheart padded slowly into camp with her rabbit, head down and tail between her legs.

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Nikkistar looked down on Darkheart

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Darkheart flopped down onto the ground with a heavy sigh. Her head went down on her paws as she stared into space.

Graystripe16(Back...again) | 111 comments Mod
Nikkistar jumped down off the high rock

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Darkheart rolled over so that she laid on her side with another huge sigh.

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Rainheart (rainstarnc) Flowerstep slipped into camp and looked around.

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Darkheart noticed Flowerstep and turned the other way, hoping she wouldn't notice Darkheart.

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Rainheart (rainstarnc) Flowerstep saw her turn away and decided to pretend she hadnt seen the other wolf. she padded on, dropping her kill onto the pile.

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Darkheart closed her eyes, and a single silver tear slipped out from under her eyelashes.

Graystripe16(Back...again) | 111 comments Mod
Nikkistar looked at thee two

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Rainheart (rainstarnc) Flowerstep began to groom herself.

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Darkheart fell into a light sleep and began to dream.

(( don't you guys think this is a good time to insert a prophecy? I thought so, but if you guys don't think so, that's ok (= ))

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Rainheart (rainstarnc) ((i think so))

Graystripe16(Back...again) | 111 comments Mod
((dont think so...))

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Rainheart (rainstarnc) ((aw))

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(( ok))
Darkheart dreamed of a nicer time when everyone was nice to her and she was nice to everyone. Even her crush liked her. ((who's her crush??? )) Then a fire enveloped the camp. Darkheart whined in her sleep as her dream turned into a nightmare.

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Rainheart (rainstarnc) ((idk. i could make one? idk i have to many charries on here...))

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(( you can choose one charrie maybe? and if there is going to be a prophecy, can this dream be it and can Darkheart be part of it? ))

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Rainheart (rainstarnc) ((Sure why not. ill just copy one of my other charries...))

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(( dokely-okely))

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Rainheart (rainstarnc) Blackfang stared at Darkheart out of the corners of his eyes. he winced when she whimpered, as if her pain was his own.

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(( that's so sweet =) ))
Darkheart's face turned into a frown as her nightmare got worse.

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Rainheart (rainstarnc) Blackfang closed his eyes and law on his stomach with a sigh, feet tucked in. he rest his head on his paws at an angle in which he could still see Darkheart if he cracked his eyes open.

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(( prophecy? or just a nightmare? cuz I don't think Darkheart should be all special and everything if you guys don't want))

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Rainheart (rainstarnc) ((i really dont care. it could be whatever you want))

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(( prophecy later (= ))

Darkheart woke up with a gasp. Her eyes were wide with panic.

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