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message 1: by Rachel, First Lady (new)

Rachel (rachelhadeli) | 698 comments Mod
For those of you interested in reading blogs about books (and where to get them in Indonesia), movies and music, come visit mine;

If you blog too, write the address here! And we'll be sure to visit :)

message 2: by Maya (new)

Maya Antonio | 1 comments I love your blog! :D You like reading Young Adult books too? I LOVE them!

Here's my blog:

message 3: by Rachel, First Lady (new)

Rachel (rachelhadeli) | 698 comments Mod
Oh my goodness, your blog is amazing Maya! I love it! Seems like we have very similar taste in books! hahaha. Btw, how's the Fallen books? I see them around in bookstores all the time, but I've never tried them. How good are they? The covers are very pretty, hehe.

message 4: by Tomoe (new)

Tomoe Hotaru (saturnsenshi) | 58 comments Ooo I didn't know this discussion existed! Anyway, I have a (kind of) new blog on books too. Will be holding an ebook giveway once I hit 50 followers :D

message 5: by Ren Puspita (new)

Ren Puspita (renpuspita) | 244 comments My blog is here :

I often write in Indonesia, but sometimes write in English when join reading challenge and giveaway hop :)
I have monthly giveaway, some featured interview with writers and translator. I plan to make some interesting giveaways on the future.
Well, please come and visit if you have time ;)

message 6: by Lynossa, Resident Connoisseur (new)

Lynossa | 485 comments Mod
I never knew about this thread before. My 'comatose' blog with my two friends is here:
Currently on hiatus but will update and change the whole thing (including the name, what the hell we were thinking when we decided that name?!) on July.

message 7: by Nina (new)

Nina (ridyananda) | 8 comments I'm still a newbie in blogging :)
here's mine

I write in Indonesian, and it's still a simple blog. Haven't had time to make it look better (damn final exams!)

message 8: by Oon (new)

Oon (oonisme) | 132 comments A little blog of mine:

message 9: by Listra (new)

Listra (museforsaken) | 13 comments I write in English, mostly about classics. I'm listed in BBI as well. Here's my blog:
It's a new blog, so it's not yet very interesting, but I'll add articles at least weekly for several months ahead.
Please come and visit.

message 10: by Lynossa, Resident Connoisseur (new)

Lynossa | 485 comments Mod
Oon, I love your poem about Spider. LOL!

message 11: by Nana (new)

Nana (marsh113) | 44 comments

In Indonesian but sometimes English too.
Currently is hosting giveaway.

message 12: by Oon (new)

Oon (oonisme) | 132 comments Love everyone's blog here. So many book reviews made me want to go to the nearest bookstore and grab some of them

@Marsh113: nice blog design

@Lynossa: hehehe thank you very much :D please keep us updated with your new blog. I love your review, especially Knife of Never Letting Go and The Ask and The Answer, I feel the same way with you when reading them. Damn Patrick Ness! Why he write so good

message 13: by Citra (new)

Citra  | 24 comments Here's mine. Feel free to visit!

Eventhough I may not be able to update it everyday, but still I post new things regularly :)

message 14: by christokristo (last edited May 10, 2012 05:34PM) (new)

christokristo (kristoo) | 22 comments wow all of those book blogs are great! I really envy you guys.

and great poems oon! i like the Slow Effacement. I never good at interpreting poems but by reading that I somehow feel a sens of inertia and passiveness.

I actually never wrote a book review before. so any tips from you guys? writing's not one of my virtues. Few times i got low grades in writing on IELTS tests.

I have a blog but none of the posts are book review and all of them written in bahasa and I rarely update it. and when i re-read my posts, it sound corny lol. i think i need to learn to form better sentences.

so Keep up the good works guys. :)

message 15: by Shaids (new)

Shaids Datu-maki (shaiduck) | 4 comments ahh! all of your blogs are amazing!! *instantly follows all* makes mine look like a child's blog :P hahahahaha xD
mine is

I'll move my reviews here to my blog little by little xD so far I've only moved my review of Un Lun Dun :D hehehe xD
Oh! and I wrote a fanfic as a gift for a friend of mine who loves One Direction :P Idk how many of you like 1D. I'm neutral to them myself :P but if you have some critics about it please comment and tell me if I should change anything :D Anonymous comments are open xD

@Citra: Wow! you got Nicole from ixbooks to follow you!! that's awesome! xD

@Oon: Great poems there! I've been trying to write some myself but I'm not poetic enough :P so now I'm trying to write a light novel that later on I'll try to send to GagasMedia and Bukune :D yaay!

message 16: by Deska (new)

Deska (deskyreads) | 1 comments Hi There!

I'd like to introduce myself here :D.

My name is Deska. Recently I just made a blog (this is my very first attempt to become a book-blogger).

Please feel free to visit and leave comments. I really appreciate it.

Thank you and wish you all an awesome day ;)


message 17: by Anindyta (new)

Anindyta (fingerprintale) | 5 comments Hi guys...
I'm new in this group (I just found out about it) and I'm new in blogging. But maybe you can check my blogs and send me some comment or critics so I can improve it (hopefully). I'm sorry if my blog is just a mess....

But here...
is my blog...

Oh by the way, my name is Dyta. Actually I got a bad english, so I write blog in Indonesia, but I do like english book :D

Thank you all... :)

message 18: by Yuska (new)

Yuska Vonita (vanness77) | 8 comments I have one too, right here:

message 19: by owleeya (new)

owleeya | 37 comments This is mine: sometimes I write a review in Indonesia, if I read Indonesia book or translated book. And if I read in English, I write a review in English. :)

message 20: by Biondy (new)

Biondy | 103 comments This one is mine.

currently I'm hosting a book giveaway :)

message 21: by Ikao (new)

Ikao (ikaoduck) | 7 comments I have a blog, but I write random things there XD

message 22: by Blanches (new)

Blanches Jeanne (gablessmember) | 5 comments hi, i'm a, really nice to meet you all.
please visit my blog, if you don't mind =)

i usually write in Indonesian, but now i'm starting to write all of my review in english..;)

message 23: by Nicole (new)

Nicole Rusli (bookclubid) | 15 comments I'm not sure if this applies, but I do have a book channel that I just started. :D

message 24: by Reviewsbythegeek (new)

Reviewsbythegeek | 27 comments

Hi, everyone. I just started blogging about 3 weeks ago. Intended for book reviews, but so far I haven't reviewed any book, kekeke. I wrote about NetGalley and using Kindle in Indonesia, though. I'm going to continue writing both in bahasa Indonesia and in English. Please check it out sometime. :D

message 25: by Christine (last edited Feb 22, 2013 12:34AM) (new)

Christine Mine :
I don't update it often. Sometimes I just can't write any review at all. My brain is kinda stuck >.<

message 26: by Tantri (new)

Tantri Setyorini (tantri_06) | 4 comments Hai, I'm a new book blogger, too. I'm a BBI member. So far, I still posted few reviews. I write reviews in english only for goodreads and netgalley. I read almost every genre. But I usually read romance books. I try to write my review like articles and love to add some trivial facts I found from the books I read. Please visit if you have time..hav a good day, everyone.. :)

message 27: by Tantri (new)

Tantri Setyorini (tantri_06) | 4 comments Hai, I'm a new book blogger, too. I'm a BBI member.
So far, I still posted few reviews. I write reviews in english only for goodreads and netgalley. I read almost every genre. But I usually read romance books. I try to write my review like articles and love to add some trivial facts I found from the books I read. Please visit if you have time..hav a good day, everyone.. :)

message 28: by Listra (new)

Listra (museforsaken) | 13 comments I made a blog today. It talks mainly about Shakespeare and his works. Feel free to visit. More articles will come on the blog, though it's still kind of empty now.

message 29: by Femmy (new)

Femmy | 301 comments My blog is
It's not strictly a book blog, but most of the posts there are about the books that I read, write, or translate.

I also have another blog on translation, in which my friends also contribute:

message 30: by Kama (new)

Kama (Okama) | 33 comments I'm writing a blog about cultural things (books, films and music (soon)). Also, things related to the book club I started in Solo. Everything is written in English.

The blog is called For Culture's Sake.

Not really much in there, still...

message 31: by Novia (new)

Novia (novroz) | 38 comments would love to share my blog too...but mine isn't strictly about's a bit random.

message 32: by Shapby (last edited Mar 28, 2013 07:40AM) (new)

Shapby Sakina | 1 comments This is a blog that I've had since the old days, and I haven't really updated it yet. For ages. But there are several reviews there if you'd like to check it out.

message 33: by Tomoe (last edited Apr 17, 2013 03:27AM) (new)

Tomoe Hotaru (saturnsenshi) | 58 comments Hi all! Just letting you know that I will be hosting some book giveaways in the next few months, the first one is a paperback copy of The Witch of Little Italy by Suzanne Palmieri, and the giveaway starts today until May 20.

Only a few countries are open to the giveaway, so I think your chances of winning are bigger than the normal international giveaways XD

Anyway, if anyone's interested you can check out the giveaway and good luck!

message 34: by Reza, The Curator (last edited Apr 17, 2013 03:23AM) (new)

Reza | 467 comments Mod
Amanda, that last link doesn't seem to work. I think you meant this

message 35: by Tomoe (new)

Tomoe Hotaru (saturnsenshi) | 58 comments Oh whoops, thanks Reza! Will edit my post.

message 36: by Reza, The Curator (new)

Reza | 467 comments Mod

Have you used Rafflecopter much? How is it? Was thinking of running our own giveaway right here.

message 37: by Tomoe (new)

Tomoe Hotaru (saturnsenshi) | 58 comments Oooh yes, please do :D

It's actually my first time using it, but it's pretty simple and straightforward (and best part: free!, although there are some upgrade options too, of course.)
You can also moderate your winners, ie. checking the IP address to make sure no one's cheating, etc.

message 38: by Ren Puspita (new)

Ren Puspita (renpuspita) | 244 comments I have some giveaway running on my blog now. Is it okay if I post in this folder instead?

message 39: by Reza, The Curator (new)

Reza | 467 comments Mod
@Ren: we're still figuring it out. maybe we will open up another thread for giveaway by members.

message 40: by Ren Puspita (new)

Ren Puspita (renpuspita) | 244 comments @Reza : Okay. I think I will put my giveaway in this thread first.

So, I currently have 4 giveaways in my blog. One will end in the next week. The rest are reading challenge, which I will choose one participant from each challenge to win each month.

Just click here :

message 41: by Neysa (new)

Neysa (Papier Revue) (neysakristanti) | 14 comments Hi all, here's my blog :D

I write in English though, and also, I'm currently hosting a giveaway for 12 free e-books for 1 person!

Oh, I also have a tour website, but I hosted for international author, so if you write in English, feel very free to sign-up and be one of my host! :D :D

Thanks and Best Regards,

message 42: by tirta (new)

tirta (strrlight) | 12 comments Mine is (I mostly write the reviews in bahasa tho) feel free to take a look or leave some comments ;)

message 43: by Eva (new)

Eva (miki-sensei) | 8 comments Mine is I don't know if general blog is counted. I reviewed books too there, but also pretty much everything. Feel free to take a look and leave some comments. Oh, and it's written in Indonesian. :)

message 44: by Tri Ahmad Irfan (new)

Tri Ahmad Irfan (irfan3) | 13 comments Well, I have personal blog on Sometimes I write in English, and sometimes I write in Indonesian. I talk a lot about my personal life, my point of view about something, tips and tricks on something, and ideas that came up to my mind.

And I have a tumblr page that shares my occasional writings fully in English,

Feel free to check them and I'd be glad to hear what do you think. :)

message 45: by Nunik (last edited May 15, 2013 07:43PM) (new)

Nunik Kartikarini (suzukabunny) | 2 comments my blog
specializing at finance, fiction and loveliness

please visit and give feedback ^.^

message 46: by Reviewsbythegeek (new)

Reviewsbythegeek | 27 comments For those who want to know more about Kindle and how it's used in Indonesia, you can open some of my posts on It's a book blog.

message 47: by E. (new)

E. Mellyberry (emellyberry) Hi this is my blog Nice to meet you all :D

message 48: by Ajeng (new)

Ajeng (sarasvvatii) | 16 comments Wow!!! You guys have such amazing blogs while I just write once in a while about my daily activity in hahaha. Great job guys. It helps me a lot to choose what book should I buy next! :)

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